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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Dear friends, 

I am sorry to convey the sad news happened in the families of our cadre members -

1. One at T. N. Circle: Mother of Smt. K. Lalitha, President, AIPSA TN & PA to DPS (HQ), O/o Chief PMG, T.N. Circle Chennai breathed her last yesterday at Bangalore. 

2. Another at W.B. Circle: Shri S. Sankara Iyer, Husband of Smt. K.A. Latha (Steno at Yogayog Bhavan, Circle Office, W.B. Circle) breathed his last at Kolkatta on 22.05.2016. 

AIPSA, CHQ conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved families of S/S. K. Lalitha, (T.N. Circle) & K.A. Latha (W.B. Circle). Pray the Almighty to give mental strength to both of them to bear these irreparable losses. 

G.S., AIPSA.  

Preservation Period Of Records At Branch Offices

Preservation period of records at Branch Offices is as under -

Branch Office Account (Pa.6)
3 years after they are used
BO Journal (Pa-5), BO slips
3 years after they are used
Book of BO receipts (Ms-87(a))
2 years after they are used
Regd lists/Parcel lists/Mail lists
2 years after they are used
Invoices received from P.S.D
3 years.
BO Slips
2 years.
Order Book/Stock Book
To be destroyed after special permission from Divisional Head
Postman book (ms-87)
2 years
Book of postmarks
2 years
Depatmental Circulars
Enumeration returns
5 years
Yearly Value Returns(YVR))
5 years

(Rule 21 of Branch Offices Rules)

Note: The records i.e Order book, Stock book, Postman book and Book of Postmarks should be destroyed by fire in presence of BPM or otherwise, in such a manner that they may not be used again. Other record should be torn up and sold as waste paper by BPM and credit sale proceeds to “UCR”.