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Monday, October 17, 2016

Draft seniority list of Stenographers Grade-I as on 01.01.2011

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AIPSA said...

What is the purpose of issuing seniority list of Stenographers Grade-I as on 01.01.2011? It should be as on 01.01.2016. Seniority of the Stenographers should be taken as per the date of entry in the department and not as per the Grade-II or Grade-I promotion. Many Circles are not conducting the DPC in time. Hence many senior Stenos are not reflected in the seniority list, due to administrative fault. For example myself joined in the department on 11.01.1983. But Grade-I was given only in the year 2014 i.e. after completion of 30 years of service.

Unknown said...

Sir, The seniority list of Stenographers as on 1-1-2011 is not serve the present purpose. Even though it is stated that the seniority list is as on 1-1-2011, many names who have got their promotion to PS cadre after that date have been shown. It is not correct. And more over, criteria taken for its preparation is also not logical. Date of joining should be taken as criteria for preparation of seniority list, because some Circles have convened DPCs early and some Circles very late. Example Andhra Circle. Because of this criteria, I was placed far below than actually I should be. My date of joining as Steno is 18-5-1984. But one could see that many Stenos far junior to me in TN Circle / W.B. Circle and others are placed above my name. I suggest that date of joining should be taken as criteria for preparation of seniority list and that it should be as on 1-11-2016, so that promotions to PS posts etc., could be announced. This is my opinion.

G V N M PRASAD said...

Department is successful in giving promotions to all the cadres by conducting DPCs periodically and as such, every one in the seniority list is getting promotion in their respective cadres in regular intervals if he fulfills conditions in all respects. We are going to enter 2017 shortly. But, we, Stenos, are in the year 2011 still, as regards promotions. As a matter of fact, most of the Circles, do not have gradation list of Stenos as on 1.7.2016. First, we need to concentrate on preparation of gradation lists upto date. Then, our problems will automatically be resolved in a phased manner at par with other cadres. Why are we not successful in this area?


Anonymous said...

we are lamenting ourselves without taking any concrete steps. Neither the AIPSA nor the Department is bothered about Seniority list as most of them crossed to Grade Pay of P.S. Thanks to MACP. It is only Ms. Soudaravalli and P. Krishnan questioned the seniority list and hope they got the benefit. In my view the seniority list of Gr.II & Gr.I are Circle base but when come to Personal Secretary, it is on all India basis. Therefore, the date of entry in the cadre i.e. date of appointment in Gr.III/II should be taken into account. The Department is following a faulty promotional policy in respect of Stenographers only. In no other cadre such monopoly is followed. No body questioning this.
The Department has simply merged the Cadre without giving a single increment on promotion, which is totally arbitrary. After waiting for 10 years for promotion, the Department has simply merged the cadre without giving an increment. The Department feels that they already got the Grade Pay. Giving Grade Pay is not promotion under MACP. Therefore, regular promotion to be given and one increment to be given while fixing the pay scale on promotion. This has been eroded by the Department silently.
I am going to file a case in CAT. All those willing to join hand please contact: A. Sowrirajan, Steno. Gr.II O/o Superintendent of Post Offices, Kumbakonam Division, Kumbakonam 0 612001. Cell No.09843164343.

A. Sowrirajan

T.N.Srinivas said...

(1) I have one small doubt about cadre restructure. Whether it be of any use to Steno cadre. Can any body enlighten please -
i) Whether any increment benefit
ii) Normally DPC will be convened on All India Grade I seniority, in which case 90% of those selected may be on the verge of retirement, who may not opt for promotion, thereby exercise of conducting DPCs is a futile exercise.
iii) When there is (a) no advantage of financial benefit (b) Foregoing bonus consequent on PS promotion, why is this cadre restructure at this present set up benefit a Steno
(iv) When one ASP is promoted to Group-B, he will get financial benefit and will join in the hope of getting further promotions upto JTS. But, in Steno cadre, with PS promotion, will you not agree that it is nothing but becoming a scape-goat, foregoing bonus besides losing places of choices/no financial benefits.

(2) I suppose that cadre restructure at this present set up, would some what benefit (with nothing) the Steno with promotion to PS in the place where he is working without any physical change, which is a small solace to the huge loss to be sustained by him following his promotion to PS.

(3) If my context is correct, the issue issue may be taken up with the higher authorities for the only courtesy (SOLACE) to be extended to the Stenographer a promotion without change of existing place of work with promotion or a place at his request subject of existing of vacancy.

This is what my opinion is with regard to cadre restructure.

Anonymous said...

Alas! Every one is lamenting that the date of joining in the cadre should taken as criteria for promotion to P.S., but not even a single person expressing their willingness to join hands with me in filing a case. I am not able to understand how long we drive on others back. We should come forward to fight it out for our rights. See, Pay Anomaly Committee constituted in Department of Posts (Directorate) without a representation of AIPSA. What steps our leaders taken in this regard. I have written a direct letter to ADG (GDS/PCC) in this regard.
Dear friends, it is not a time to lament ourselves, but it is a right time to strike.

A. Sowrirajan
Steno. Gr.II
Kumbakonam Dn.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the statement of Mr. Srinivas. What to do my friend? Most of them happy with their MACP not moving out of station on promotion. They not only block others to move forward in the ladder but becoming a stumbling block. No promotion effected in Gr.II/Gr.III cadre. Simply they were merged. Of Course, Gr.II got atleast one promotion, but regarding Gr.III, who bothers about their benefits. Neither the AIPSA nor the Department.

A. Sowrirajan