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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Urgent - send comments atonce.

Dear friends, 

Good morning to all. Yesterday ADG-PCC cell of our Dept contacted me over Phone and informed that they have sent me one mail. I received the mail from the PCC cell of our Dept and today also I received a hard copy of the same which are attached herewith for furnishing your views on the subject so as to enable to strengthen my hands to proceed further. I propose to visit Delhi on the first week of December (Probably on 7.12.15 (the last date for submitting our views to the Dept), 8.12.15 (the date on which the NJCA meeting is being held at NC/JCM Staff side to finalise the charter of demands and further course of action)  and 9.12.15

Dear Comrades, as you are all aware the Pay Commission has grossly neglected our cadre and in the entire pay commission there is no word about Subordinate services which shows how the cadre is being diluted. It is high time to realise the fact that as a lone association, we may not bring justice to our cadre and we have to rethink that affiliation with recognised union is one of the best options and the time is running out, as the JCM members are meeting the Government authorities for deliberations.  Unless we become a part of the deliberations and join hand in hand with the unions, I think we cannot succeed in our demand. 

Hence, all our CWC members are requested to render their support in joining hands with recognised unions to fight for our cause.


Hoping to get your positive response. 

With fraternal greetings,  GS, AIPSA


Anonymous said...


This is with reference to letter from GS AIPSA.

It is an excellent idea to affiliate with recognized unions as Govt. of India showing gross negligence towards stenographers working in field/subordinate offices since many decades.

The last pay commission, i.e 6th CPC has clearly recommended pay parity of stenographers working in Head Qtrs and filed offices by changing the nomenclature of existing cadre as Executive Assistant with GP 4200 vide its report under para 3.10 onwards. But, unfortunately, GOI has not accepted its recommendations till date.

The recruitment process is same for all stenographers working either in Head Qtrs or filed offices and even functions, duties, responsibilities are same for all stenographers irrespective of their posting in India though stenos working in field offices are not getting the parity with CSSS.

It is very hard to digest the reply given by DOPT that the stenos of CSSS are taking high responsibility in r.o functioning/ duties than stenos working in field offices. It is highly incorrect and intolerant.

In subordinate offices also, you can find that stenos working with SSP/SSRM/DDM/APMG (Under Secretary), DPS/Director PTC (Deputy Secretary), PMG/GM (Joint Secretary), CPMG (Additional Secretary). It is to remember that policy makers/decision makers of GOI are only Bureaucrats. Stenos of CSSS & field offices are working with bureaucrats in the systematic manner, as they have to act as per the directions of the officer to whom they are attached and there is no valid reason to differentiate the duties of stenos working in H/Qs and field offices. Both have to perform duties as per orders of bosses irrespective of Deptt/Ministry in round the clock.

I put the following few lines for taking immediate action to:

1) Parity with CSSS
2) Allowing of Non Functional Selection Grade to our entry cadre, i.e. 4200 GP after 5 years as is done in CSSS.
3) Restructuring of our cadre, creation of more PA/PS/PPS etc.
4) Ensure that the assisting cadre of Deputy Secretary and more must be PS.
5) Affiliation/joining hands in hands with other unions.

I request you to take up the matter with all secretaries of stenos working in deferent Depts./Ministries confederation of stenos for active cooperation in this matter.

This is the right and last opportunity to get our problems solved. This will happen only if maximum number of stenos working in field offices irrespective of Deptt. unite together to move forward to meet Cabinet Secretary, Minister of Finance & Hon’ble PM by following prescribed procedure and not by aggressive manner as our cadre is highly negligible right now.

Thank you

Let us hope for positive actions to our cadre by Pay Implementation Cell, MOF, Delhi.

O/o PMG, Rajkot
Gujarat Circle
Rajkot 360 001.

Thanjavur Postal Division said...

Dear Murthy, your letter is well drafted but too late. It is the time for action. Either we sail together or sink together. No one bothers about the Stenographers. Even Jeep Drivers are getting into special grade pay. Are we lesser than Drivers? I feel that the stenographers cadre to be merged with ASP Cadre. Not even a single word of Stenographer mentioned in Chapter 11.8. Then what is the idea of the Department. just to keep those alive stenographers till their retirement?

A. Sowrirajan