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Thursday, August 30, 2012

MACP Scheme - FAQ

1. What is Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) ?
The MACP Scheme for Central Civilian Government Employees is in supersession of earlier ACP Scheme. Under the MACP Scheme three financial Up-gradations are allowed on completion of 10,20,30 years of regular service, counted from the direct entry grade. The MACPS envisages merely placement in the immediate next higher grade pay as given in Section I, Part-A of the first schedule of the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008, in case no promotion has been earned by the employee during this period.
2. From which date the MACPS is effective?
The MACPS is effective w.e.f. 01.09.2008 or on completion of 10, 20 & 30 years of continuous regular service, whichever is later. Financial upgradation will also be admissible whenever a person has spent 10 years continuously in the same grade pay. (Para 9 of OM dated 19/5/2009)

3. Who are entitled for financial under the MACPS?
The MACPS is applicable to all Central Government Civilian Employees.
4. What norms are required to be fulfilled while granting the benefits under MACPS?
The financial upgradation would be on non-functional basis subject to fitness in the hierarchy of pay band and grade pay within PB- 1. Thereafter, only the benchmark of ‘Good’ would be applicable till the grade pay of Rs.6600 In PB-3. The benchmark will be ‘Very Good’ for Financial upgradation to the grade pay of Rs.7600 and above. However, where the Financial upgradation under the MACPS also happen to be in the promotional grade and benchmark for promotion is lower than the benchmark for granting the benefits under MACPS as mentioned in para 17 of the Scheme, the benchmark for promotion shall apply to MACP also.
O.M.N0.5034/3/2008-Estt(D) dated 01/11/2010
5. Whether Pay Band would be changed at the time of grant of financial upgradation under MACPS?
OM.N0.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 09/09/2010
6. Whether the promotions in same grade would be counted for the purpose of MACPS?
The financial up-gradation under the MACPS is in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay bands and grade pay as given in CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. However if the promotional hierarchy as per recruitment rules is such that promotions are earned in the same grade pay, then the same shall be counted for the purpose of MACPS.
7. How will the benefits of ACP be granted if due between 01 .01.2006 and 31.08.2008?
The revised pay structure has been changed w.e.f. 01.01.2006 and the benefits of ACPS have been allowed till 31.08.2008. Hence, the benefits of revised pay structure would be allowed for the purpose of ACPS.
(OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt. dated 9.9.2010)
8. Whether adhoc appointment would be counted towards qualifying service for MACPS?
No. Only continuous regular service is counted towards qualifying service for the purpose of MACPS. The regular service shall commence from the date of joining of a post in direct entry grade on a regular basis. (Para 9 of the MACPS)
9. Whether State Government service shall be reckoned for the purpose of MACPS?
No. Only regular service rendered in the Central Government’s Department/Office is to be counted for the purpose of MACPS, as the Scheme is applicable to the Central Government Civilian Employees only. ( MACPS , Para 10)
10. What are the periods included in the regular service?
All period spent on deputation/foreign service, study leave and all other kind of leave, duly sanctioned by the competent authority shall be included in the regular service. (Para 11. MACPS)
11. How is the MACPS to be extended to the employees of Autonomous and Statutory Bodies?
Procedure prescribed in OM No.35034/3/2010- Estt(D),Dated 03/08/2010 would be followed by the administrative Ministries/Departments concerned for extension of the MACPS to the employees of Autonomous and Statutory Bodies under their control.
12. Whether the cases of grant of financial upgradation allowed under the ACPS between 01.09.2008 and 19.05.2009, the date of issue of the Scheme are be reviewed?
Yes. Since the benefits of ACPS have been discontinued w.e.f. 01.09.2008, the cases settled between 01.09.2008 and 19.05.2009, in terms of previous ACP Scheme shall be reviewed.
13. Whether the past continuous regular service in another Govt.Deptt. in a post carrying same grade pay prior to regular appointment in a new Deptt. without a break shall be counted towards qualifying regular service for the purpose of MACPS?
Yes. ( Para 9, MACPS)
14. Upto what grade pay the benefits under the / MACPS is allowed?
The benefits of MACPS are being up-to HAG scale of Rs. 67000 – 79000/- (DOPT’s O.M.No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 24.12.2010)
15. How the cases of pre-revised pay scales (Rs.5000-8000 & Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500 & Rs.7450-11500) merged w.e.f. 01.01.2006 are to be decided under MACPS?
The cases would be regulated in accordance with para 5 of Annexure-I of MACPS. The Ministries/Departments are expected to re-organise cadres and frame common RRs for the post in merged scales.
16. Whether ‘Non-functional Scale’ of Rs.8000-13500 (revised to grade pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3) would be viewed as one financial upgradation for the purpose of MACPS?
Yes, in terms of para 8.1 of Annexure-I 01 MACPS dated 19.05.2009.
17. Whether time bound promotion’ scheme including ‘in-situ promotion’ scheme can run concurrently with MACPS?
No. ( Para 13 of MACPS)
18. Whether Staff Car Drive Scheme can run concurrently with MACPS?
DOPT vide O.M.No.35011/03/2008-Estt.(D),30/07/2010 has extended the benefits of MACPS to Staff Car Drivers as a fall back option
19. Whether the placement of erstwhile Gr. D employees as Staff Car Driver, ordinary grade would count as a promotion?
No. The model RRs for Staff Car Drivers provide deputation/absorption as a method of appointment for erstwhile Gr. D employees . The placement as staff Car Driver is not in the hierarchy hence the same would not be counted as promotion under MACPS. The regular service for the MACPS would be from the date of appointment as Staff Car Driver.
20. Whether designation classification or higher status would change on account of financial upgradation under MACPS?
There shall be no change in the designation classification or higher status on grant of financial upgradation under MACPS, as the upgradation under the Scheme is purely personal and merely placement in the nexl higher grade pay. (Para 16 of Annexure-l of MACPS refers)
21. If a financial upgradation under the MACPS is deferred due to the reason of the employees being ‘unfit’ or due to departmental proceedings, etc, whether this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial upgradation?
Yes, this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial upgradation, which would also get deferred to the extent of delay in grant of financial upgradation. ( MACPS, Para 15)
22. Whether the stepping up of pay would be admissible if a junior is getting more pay than the senior on account of grant of financial upgradation under MACPS?
No stepping up of pay in the band or grade pay would be admissible with regard to junior getting more pay than the senior on account of pay fixation under MACPS.
Para 10 of OM dated 19/5/2009
23. Whether the regular service rendered by an employee if declared surplus in his/her organisation and appointed in the same grade pay or lower grade pay shall be counted towards the regular service in a new organization for the purpose of MACPS?
Yes. (refer para 23 of Annexure-l of MACPS)
24. In case of transfer including unilateral transfer own request, whether regular service rendered in previous organisation/office shall be counted alongwith the regular service in the new organization for the purpose of MACPS?
Yes. OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt(D) dated 01/11/2010
25. If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by the employees before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation under the MACPS, whether financial upgradation shall be allowed to such a Government servant?
If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by the Government employee before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation, no financial upgradation shall be allowed and as such an employee has not been stagnated due to lack of opportunities. If, however, financial upgradation has been allowed due to stagnation and the employees subsequently refuse the promotion, it shall not be a ground to withdraw the financial upgradation. He shall, however, not be eligible to be considered for further financial upgradation till he agrees to be considered for promotion again and the next financial upgradation shall also be deferred to the extent of period of debarment due to the refusal.( Para 25 of MACPS)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eid Mubarak

Notification - PAs /SAs/PA(SBCO)

Notification No. RECTT/4-3/2011/II  
dated at Thiruvananthapuram 33, the 11th August 2012
Applications are invited from the eligible Applicants for filling of vacancies of POSTAL ASSISTANTS/SORTING ASSISTANTS/POSTAL ASSISTANTS (SAVINGS BANK CONTROL ORGANIZATION)
For Download the details - click on http://www.keralapost.gov.in/GenInfo/Rect2012.html 

Pay parity-reply from Minister

Monday, August 06, 2012



The time has come to bid adieu….. This is a moment of thanksgiving for me. I consider myself gifted to be having been a part of this   esteemed and wonderful family – India Post.     Primarily my humble and thankful obeisance to the God Almighty for allowing me to spend fruitfully, more than half  of my lifetime so far, in this great  organization  with my  brethren. It was a pleasure working with all of you for over three decades.  I shall always cherish with nostalgia these memorable days.

A lot has happened during this time. The Stenographers of the Department of Post, a scattered and neglected lot, were yearning for better recognition, parity with other services and better career prospects.  I am glad, that with the untiring efforts of many of us, spread throughout the country, we were able to bring the stenographers of the Postal Department under one umbrella.  We could achieve a lot in improving our career prospects and addressing our rightful needs. Keeping in pace with the changing world, we also moved onto newer ways of communication - website and blogging, which gave us efficient and faster ways for communicating and sharing our ideas and feelings. All these helped us to boost our self esteem and productivity and play a key role in shaping the changing contours of our Department’s future.

I am happy that I could play a key role, albeit small, during these years, in furthering the cause of our Association. I am sure that I couldn’t have achieved all this, without the unstinted efforts,   support and guidance from each one of you. To be truthful, I would have gained more from others than what I have probably given to others. I sincerely thank each & every one of you who have directly and indirectly helped me to perform my tasks, all these years.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I would say that we have taken only a few steps in our journey together.  A lot more need to be done. There are unattended issues.  Our tradition of ‘keeping service before self’, irrespective of all differences, be it, position or status in the Association, will definitely help us to focus on new issues and handle them effectively.  Truthful, selfless and dedicated service alone can win laurels and acclaim. Together we can make the Association stronger; with united efforts alone, can we put our Association on the path of greater achievements. Now the responsibility rests on you to continue this tradition of service.

I shall be glad to offer my services to our beloved Association at any time and in any measure in the future also.
I shall always keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers, and cherish good and loving memories of our long association. These memories will remain a source of joy and pride to me always.

My sincere prayers - to the powers that be - to shower on you & your families the very best in all your endeavors, in the years to come. Let our union and organization scale greater heights to touch new peaks of excellence.

Thank you
E. Sukumaran.

Onam festival-Disbursement of salary

No 3(2)/TA/2012/518
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
Lok Nayak Bhawan
Khan Market, New Delhi.
Dated: 3-08-2012

Subject: Disbursement of salary/wages/pension to the Central Govt. Employees and Pensioners in the State of Kerala for the month of August, 2012 on account of ONAM festival.

In view of the "ONAM" festival, the Government have decided that the salary of all Central Government Employees in the State of Kerala for the month of August, 2012 may be drawn and disbursed by the Central Government Offices (including Defence, Posts and Telecommunications) on 27th August, 2012.
2. The wages for August, 2012 of the industrial Employees of Central Govt. serving in the State of' Kerala may also be disbursed in advance on 27th August, 2012.

3. The pension for August. 2012 of all Central Government pensioners in the State of Kerala may also be disbursed by Bank/PAO's on 27th August, 2012.
4. The salary/wages/pension so disbursed is to be treated as advance payment and subject to adjustment after the lull month's salary/wages/pension of each employee/pensioner is determined. The recovery, if any, will be made without exception from the salary/wages/pension, as the case may be, for the month of September, 2012.
5. The concerned Ministries/Departments are requested to bring these instructions to the notice of their offices located in the Slate of Kerala for necessary action immediately.
6. Reserve Bank of India is requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all paying branches of all Banks located in the State of Kerala for necessary action immediately.
(Soma Roy Burman)
Jt. Controller General of Accounts

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


3.1 Grant of MACP in the promotional hierarchy 
It was insisted by the AIRF that the Grade Pay of Rs.2000, which is not available in the AVC of the Technicians, Ministerial Staff, Commercial and other cadres of the Railways, should be abolished because it is affecting adversely lakhs of employees.
AIRF further insisted that the promotional hierarchy in the MACP should be given according to promotional hierarchy not in the hierarchy of grade pay. After prolonged discussions it was agreed that the option for individual employees will be examined, so that individual could opt ACP / MACP, whichever is beneficial to them.

3.2 Date of Effect of MACP Scheme 
On the persistent demands of AIRF, it has been agreed that the admissibility of giving effect w.e.f. 1.1.2006 will be examined.
3.3 Applicability of MACPS to Group ‘D’ employees who have been placed in the Grade Pay of Rs.180(PB-I) 
Clarificatory instructions have already been issued by the DoP&T vide their O.M.35034/03/2008-Estt.(D) dated 09.09.2012.
3.4 Counting of 50% of service rendered by Temporary Status Casual Labourers for reckoning the 10/20/30 years of service under MACPS 
AIRF demanded that instead of counting 50% of service rendered by the Temporary Status Casual Labourers, 100% should be reckoned for 10, 20 and 30 years MACPS. As we have also demanded earlier in the meeting of the NC/JCM, it was agreed to examine it separately.
3.5 Grant of financial upgradation under old ACP Scheme between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008 
This is issue of non-implementation and will be pursued for the implementation.
3.6 Treatment of employees selected under LDCE/GDCE Scheme 
AIRF pointed out that the employees promoted under LDCE/GDCE Scheme have been considered in the ACP Scheme. It was agreed that, if they have been considered under the ACP, there is no reason not to allow them MACP and, therefore, they will also be considered under MACPS.
3.7 Promotion in the identical Grade Pay 
It was stated by the Official Side that, in many cases one increment has been granted. The issue of Loco Pilots will be resolved within a fortnight.
3.8 Financial upgradation under MACPS in the cases of staff who join another unit/organization on request 
Orders for giving them full benefit of financial upgradation have already been issued vide DoP&T’s O.M. dated 1st November, 2010.
On the demand of AIRF, it was agreed to issue a Clarificatory Note that even the employees joined on reversion, their past period will also be counted for 10, 20 and 30 years MACP benefit.
3.9 Extension of benefit of MACP to an employee appointed in grade where direct recruitment element is there by ignoring service and promotions rendered prior to his appointment in that post 
Clarification has been issued by the DoP&T vide their O.M. dated 09.09.2010.
3.10 Counting of services rendered prior to re-appointment for the purpose of MACP 
Has already been agreed. Treating that as technical re-designation, past service shall be counted for the purpose of MACP benefits.
3.11 Accounting of services rendered before Removal/Dismissal from service and subsequent reinstatement in service for the purpose of MACP Scheme 
Are covered under the Provision of CCS(CCA) Rules, 1965.
3.12 Counting of service rendered in State Govt/PSUs etc
Not agreed.
3.13 Regulation of Probation/Training Period under MACPS 
Where training/probation period is counted for promotion, the period will also be counted for MACPS.
3.14 Application of MACPS to the surplus staff re-deployed to lower posts in other Cadres/Organizations 
Regular service rendered by the surplus staff in previous organization shall be counted towards regular service in the new organization for the purpose of MACP benefits.
3.15 Stepping-up of pay of Senior incumbents at par with Junior incumbents as a consequence of ACP/MACPS 
While raising this issue, AIRF stated that, on the Indian Railways, in the Accounts Department seniors are drawing less pay than the juniors, particularly those who have cleared Appendix examination.
On the insistence of AIRF, EDPC-I, Railway Board, who was present in the meeting, explained the issue. The JS(P) as well as JS(Estt.) agreed with the views of AIRF and asked the Ministry of Railways to immediately send a reference, and agreed that this will be considered positively.
3.16 Benchmark for MACP should be liberal than the Benchmark for cadre promotion 
Clarificatory orders will be issued.
The issue of benefit of promotion to those who got one promotion prior to 01.09.2008 and completed 20 years service and are being denied third promotion under MACPS was also discussed. The Official Side agreed to examine the matter.
The issue of modification of recruitment rules, particularly in the Railways and upgradation granted by abolition of pay scale – Implementation of MACPS was also raised. The Staff Sided demanded that looking abolition of pay scales, MACPS benefits should be extended to the employees. The Official Side agreed to collect necessary details from the Ministry of Railways.
Before sending an appropriate proposal to DoP&T, Railway Board will have a discussion with the Staff Side on this issue.
The Staff Side also insisted that the "Placement" should not be treated as "Promotion" for the purpose of granting financial upgradation under MACP Scheme. The Official Side has agreed to examine the matter.