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Thursday, June 14, 2012

An important comment from our member

Promotions and postings to the post of Private Secretary (Gazetted) GCS Group ‘B’ in Pay Band-2: Rs.9300-34800 + GP Rs.4600/- has been issued vide Directorate Order No.10-2/2011-SPG dtd.04.04.2012. All the officials promoted are already in GP Rs. 4600/- on a/c of 2nd MACP. Only those who have been promoted & posted at the same station would accept promotion. They will also not get any pay fixation benefit due to promotion in the same Pay Band and Grade Pay. On the contrary they will loose bonus (Rs. 7000/- approximately).

Similarly, promotions and postings to the post of Senior Private Secretary (Gazetted) GCS Group ‘B’ in Pay Band-2 : Rs.9300-34800 + GP Rs.4800/- has been issued vide Directorate Order No.10-3/2011-SPG dtd.04.05.2012. Almost all the officials who have been promoted are already getting GP Rs.4800/- on a/c of 3rd MACP and except two all other are at the fag end of retirement. Only those who have been promoted & posted at the same station would accept the promotion. They will also not get any pay fixation benefit due to promotion in same Pay Band and Grade Pay.

The above situation has occurred due to non-implementation of recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission in right spirit. Had parity with CSSS as recommended by the Sixth CPC been given, this situation would not have been arisen.

There is only one entry grade for Group ‘A' i.e. Pay Band-3 : Rs.15600-39100 + GP Rs.5400/-. Likewise only one entry grade for Group ‘B’ i.e. Pay Band-2 : 9300-34800 + GP Rs. 4800/- should have been given. But in some Departments, Group ‘B’ (Gazetted) is in GP Rs.4600/- and in some Departments Group ‘B’ (Gazetted) has been given GP Rs. 4800 & after 4 years GP 5400 in Pay Band-3. Why this disparity ?

This minor category always remained loyal to the administration, never participated in any strike and worked in exigencies, has been neglected badly.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

ITEM NO.49 ANOMALIES IN THE MATTER OF PAY SCALES OF STENOGRAPHERS Demand for revision of the pay scale of Stenographer from Rs.4000 – 6000 to Rs.4500 – 7000 was raised before the National Anomaly Committee under the V CPC. But the anomaly was not resolved. It was assured that all the unresolved anomalies of the V CPC would be referred to the 6th CPC. But the Staff Side National Council (JCM) was never intimated that it had been referred to the 6th Pay Commission, and as such the Staff Side National Council could not get any scope to represent it before the 6th CPC. It has come to the notice of the Staff Side that the minimum scale of Stenographer was already fixed in scale Rs.4500-7000 in other departments while in the Railways, the minimum Scale of Stenographer continued as Rs.4000-6000. The Pay Commission, in its report, vide para 3.1.14 have recommended that there should be parity in the matter of pay scale between the field and the Secretariat offices. The Pay Commission has also recommended as follows vide the same para 3.1.14. “ In the Stenographers cadre the posts of Stenographers Gr. II & I in the existing scale of Rs.4500-7000 Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500 – 9000 will therefore, stand merged and placed in the higher scale of Rs.6500-10500” As such stenographers in the pay scales of Rs.4000-6000 Rs.5000 – 8000 and Rs.5500 – 9000 should be treated as merged and be placed in scale Rs.6500 – 10500 with Grade pay of Rs.4200. In the Accounts Department, the SO in scale Rs.6500-10500 has been allotted the Grade Pay of Rs.4800. To maintain horizontal and vertical relativity amongst different categories of employees, the stenographers in scale Rs.6500-10500 should be upgraded to Rs.7450-11500 with grade Pay of Rs.4800. Further the non functional Grade Pay of Rs.5400 as has been granted to the PSs vide Railway Board‟s letter No.PC-VI/2008/1/5/4 dated 20.11.2008 may also be extended to the Private Secretary, Gr. I scale Rs.7500 – 12000 to remove the anomaly. ITEM NO. 51 ASSIGNING HIGHER GRADE PAY OF RS.4600/- TO ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER GR.III PRIVATE SECRETARY IN SUBORDINATE OFFICERS Administrative Officers Gr. III are the first Supervisory level in Group B (Gazetted) in subordinate Offices. Similarly Private Secretaries are the first level in the stenographic cadres above the three tier Stenographer Grades (Gr.III, II, and I). The 6th CPC has recommended for the removal of disparity in the matter of Pay Scales of Officials secretariat the first level supervisory officers in Group B. i.e. Section officers and the Private Secretaries are assigned the PB2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4800/= i.e. equivalent to the erstwhile scale of Pay of 7500-1200 To ensure that the recommendations of the 6th CPC of removing the disparity are properly acted upon, these cadres i.e. AO Gr.III and PS in subordinate Offices are to be assigned the Grade Pay of Rs.4800/= in PB.2 In this connection, we also invite the attention of the official side to the following stipulation in the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008. in part „B‟ – Section – I – para (ii), under the head Revised pay scales of certain common categories of staff at page no. 44 and in part „C‟ – Section – para (ii) under Revised pay Structure for certain posts in Ministries, Departments and Union Territories at page no. 49.: “On account of merger of pre-revised pay scales of Rs. 5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500, some posts which presently constitute feeder and promotion grades will come to lie in an identical grade. The specific recommendations about some categories of these posts made by the Pay Commission are included Section II of Part B. As regards other posts, the posts in these three scales should be merged. In case it is not feasible to merge the posts in these pay scales on functional considerations, the posts in the scale of Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500-9000 should be merged, with the posts in the scale of Rs.6500-10500 being upgraded to the next higher grade in pay band PB-2 i.e. to the grade pay of Rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-11500. In case a post already exists in the scale of Rs.7450-11500, the post being upgraded from the scale of Rs.6500-10500 should be merged with the post in the scale of Rs.7450-11500”. 36 This stipulation has also not been implemented in most of the subordinate offices. The AOs and Private Secretaries in subordinate offices were in the Pay scale of 6500-10500 prior to the revision of pay scales by the 6th CPC. Their duties and responsibilities are distinct and higher than what is assigned to the Grades with the Pay Scale of Rs.5000-8000 and 5500-9000. The Aos are Supervisory Officers to those who were in the feeder Grades of 5000-8000 and 5500-9000. They cannot be amalgamated and made into a single Category. The stipulation in the notification of the Dept. of Expenditure, which is in acceptance of the 6th CPC recommendation itself in this regard ought to have been implemented with effect from 1.1.2006. We request that the orders may be issued in this regard assigning higher grade pay of Rs.4600/- to the Administrative Officers, Gr.III and Private Secretaries in the subordinate offices.

Annexure to the representation

Representation to the CPMG, Bihar Circle

A letter from Circle Secretary, AIPSA, Bihar Circle

(Recognized: DG (P) No. 13-30/98-SR)
Bihar Circle Branch, Patna
Sri Anil Kr. Singh,     Sri Sanjiv Kumar,      Sri S.B.Ghosh,
Circle Secretary       Treasurer                   President 
                                                                                                 No. AIPSA/Misc/33/2011
                                                                                                Dated:  30 .05.2012

Dear friends,

            I have submitted a letter to CPMG Bihar wherein I have demanded Rs. 4600/- GP to Grade I stenographers from 01.01.2006. The letter + enclosures is attached with this email. 

            Kindly go through the letter and enclosures and inform me whether the issue that I have raised is justified ? If not the reason there for. If yes you should also submit such letter to CPMG concerned, demanding Rs. 4600 GP from 01.01.2006.

            One more thing I would like to share with you that as per letter No. 4-7/(MACP)/2009-PCC (Pt) dated 02 May 2012 by Deptt. of Post, New Delhi 2, para 2 (c) reveals that our Recruitment Rules is under preparation. It is high time that both the GS i.e. Sri Pathak  (AIPSA) and Sri Harisuthan (Confederation of Central Govt. Stenos) should contact the DOPT and submit his suggestion regarding RR of stenos unless DOPT  will publish the RR of Non- Secretariat Stenos unilaterally, and we will keep on repenting once again.

            Cadre restructuring of stenographers is also on anvil.  We may propose steno attached to the officer with GP Rs. 7600, NFSG Rs. 8,700 (like Director Postal Services) level should get GP Rs, 4800 (after 4 years GP 5400) and designated as PS.  Steno attached with officer with GP Rs. 10,000 (like Postmaster General) should get GP Rs. 5400 and designated as Sr. PS.  Steno attached with officer with GP Rs. 12,000 (like Chief Postmaster General) should get GP Rs. 6600 and designated as Sr. PPS and he should get NFSG after 5 five years   with GP 7600.

With regards,

Yours fraternally,
Anil K. Singh,