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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Promotions and postings to the post of Private Secretary (Gazetted) General Central Service Group 'B'.


KS Krishna Murthy said...

I feel the Directorate Order promoting 22 Grade I Stenographers to PS should be welcomed without any exception. There have been no promotions to PS cadre since 7 years and it is after great pursuation that these orders have been issued.
There is no need to tell that date of entry into Grade III is not the criterion for promotion to PS, but the date of entry into Grade I. It is natural that different Circles hold different dates for convening the DPCs for promotion to Grade II and Grade I. While some Circles hold them early, others take their own sweet time. Consequently, for no fault of him or her, a Senior Steno working in a particular Circle falls junior to his junior (by virtue of date of entry into Grade III) working in some other Circle. This is indeed painful. However, this is not unique to stenographer alone. Same is the case with the Drivers, PAs etc. For STenographers, Circle is a Unit and for a PA - Division is a unit. The same kind of injustice happens. To avoid this in future, we have earlier suggested for a uniform date of convening DPCs. AIPSA had already represented for another remedy - making the PS post a Circle cadre as it happened in Income Tax. These two measures would mitigate the woes of seniors.

Coming to the present postings - these are done very much in the light of the existing rules. The proceedings have been conducted int he same fashion as they were being conducted hitherto i.e. promotions have been given as they were being given earlier also. It is inter se seniority and not the Circle seniority. Total length of service of the officials in Grade I counts while fixing the inter se seniority of officials of different circles. When there is a tie between two or more stenos as regards the date of entry into Grade I, the relative seniority in Grade II has to be checked. If still a tie exists, date of entry shall be taken and if still there is a tie in date of entry also, then date of birth shall form the basis to fix the seniority. There are rulings for this. The new recruitment rules have not come into force. Even if they come into force, they would not alter the existing seniority. Only Grade II Stenographer becomes Grade I and in no case a new Grade I Stenographer would become senior to the already existing Grade I stenographer.

KS Krishna Murthy said...

My personal opinion is that there is no feasibility to have an All India Seniority List right from Grade III for the following reasons:
1. It makes the whole country as one unit which means there is transfer liability at all India level (just like PS) even for Grade III and Grade II also. Is it acceptable for our Postal Stenographer brethren?
2. An All India Gradation List right from Grade III to PS needs to be maintained at the Directorate, which may not be acceded to by the Directorate. It is not only for the Postal Department, but for all the Departments that Stenographers is a Circle (State) cadre. I doubt whether the DOPT would initiate such a drastic step without consulting the JCM.
3. The Government will not accept the idea in view of administrative inconvenience.
Instead, I propose remedies to solve the seniority issues. As stated earlier, PS post shall be made a Circle cadre. Then automatically the date of entry into Grade III forms the basis to fix the seniority. This is happening in Income Tax. Quoting this precedence, we too can demand.
There are several other burning issues on which our GS needs to focus as follows:

1. Cadre heirarchy should be observed instead of Grade Pay heirarchy in MACPS. Some time back, the DOPT has issued some letters to all the Departments to gather the opinions of the recognized associations/unions regarding granting of MACPS as per the cadre hierarchy instead of grade pay heirarchy and sought to know the cadres for whom the MACPS has turned out to be disadvantageous. Our cadre is one such definitely. This needs to be pursued vigorously AS IT WOULD HELP ALL THE GRADE III STENOGRAPHERS. THEY WOULD GET RS.4200 GRADE PAY ON THEIR 1ST MACPS. This is more important than any other thing.

2. Stenographers should be allowed to take Group B examination.
3. We are not being invited for cadre restructure meetings.
4. Periodical meetings.
5. MACPS is not properly implemented in all the Circles. In some Circles, stenos are not getting Rs.4800 Grade Pay on MACPS III on the plea of merger of pay scales. The GS will kindly personally monitor this.
In the light of the above, we shall have to prioritize the issues and go forth.
KS Krishna Murthy

Sowri Rajan said...

The present promotion to P.S. is based on the Seniority List prepared by the then President and Treasurer of AIPSA. That is why Mr. Krishnamurthy is supporting while all most all the other Stenogrpahers are opposing it. What is wrong if the GS given a call to affected persons to take up the matter with the Directorate? Association cannot take up individual grievances at the first instance. It is for the persons affected first write to the concern authorities and copy to AIPSA for follow up the matter in a general interest. Don't criticise the GS on this score.

One again AIPSA is drifting its goal with the ill advice of a few interested persons. AIPSA has to be take up the matter of Cadre Restructure on priority with the Secretary. Shri K. Moorthy's suggestions may be taken up in that forum.

Second, partity issue with CSSS has taken a back seat.

Let us fight together and forget the common interest and cadre's prospectives is the history of AIPSA. When we are going to burry hatchets our differences and stood strong for cadre interests.