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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Suggestion of Shri T.K. Banerjee, Member AIPSA, West Bengal Circle

After going through all the valuable comments passed on the CAT's verdict which appeared in the blog, it appears that without wasting any further time our Association should submit representations to the authorities concerned in the light of CAT's verdict in both OA & RA and depending on the final outcome of the representations, we may have to go for further filing in the CAT. The most viable alternative which comes to my mind now is that as all are aware that the 6th CPC in its recommendations fastened all the field offices in the Central Government Departments in a single chain, so individually postal stenographers cannot expect much through Court's verdict too. So, if Stenographers of all the field offices are to gain something that has to be achieved through the efforts of Confederation of Stenographers. I, therefore request our Association to initiate some discussion with the leaders of Confederation so that a case can be filed before CAT covering the stenographers of all the field offices. As pointed out by our friends in the blog, we should request the Department for urgent restructuring of the Cadre.