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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Copy of the judgement passed by Hon'ble CAT Principal Bench, New Delhi in RA No. 324 of 2011 in OA No. 2860 of 2011

Members are requested to express their views as to what will be the next course of action within three days.


rajnish said...


I think we have left with no other alternative but to file representation with the department. However, the department will take its own time to decide the representation though the 6 CPC in its report recommended :
Amalgamation of
Secretariat and
3.1.10 Presently, distinct Stenographers’ cadres exist in the
Secretariat as well as in the field offices. The Secretariat
Stenographers cadre is identical to the CSS/analogous cadres in
non-participating Ministries/Organizations with the exception that
the scale of Rs.14300-18300 does not exist in the hierarchy. Keeping
in view the general principle envisaging multi-skilling and delayering
that this Commission is recommending for the entire
Government, no justification exists for maintaining a distinct
Stenographers cadre in any Government office. The emphasis
should be on recruiting multi-skilled personnel at Assistant level
to be designated Executive Assistants who will discharge the
functions of present day Assistants besides performing all the
Stenographic functions. This should not be difficult as almost all
the Central Government Offices now use Computers for office
work. Keeping this objective in view where the Secretariat and
Stenographers cadres would stand merged in future, there is a
need for ensuring full parity between these two cadres right from
this stage.
Similarly as per para 3.1.15 The existing incumbents in the
ministerial and stenographers cadres in field offices shall
continue as distinct cadres till the time the administrative
Ministry concerned evolves a procedure for their job
enlargement/enrichment, retraining and re-deployment in one
unified cadre. As such we have to force for cadre restructuring as per CSSS pattern. Unless Cadre restructuring is done by administrative ministry, nothing will go in our favour.

Sowri Rajan said...

I fully agree with Mr. Rajnish. Cadre Restructure of CSSS has been done thrice in the last 7 years. As a result of which Gr.B&A posts were merged and PPS, Staff Officers posts have been carved out. But, in our case no restructure was done for decades together. When promotions were effected in all other cadres in Department of Posts, even for Group-D employees, out Stenographer Cadre has been left out by the Department of Posts. We have also kept quite. Even after 6 CPC merging the pay scales of Rs.5000/- and Rs.5500/- Group-II & I, we have not asked anything about our present status / designation. It is better, now the Stenographer cadre is merged with ASP Cadre. Here, how many of our friends support this, is a big question. Therefore, before AIPSA submits application views of our colleagues to be obtained and a concensus to be arrived at.

Anonymous said...

E. Murugadas, CS, TN said


The solution depends only on cadre restructuring. Unless cadre restructuring is done, nothing will come in our way. Every thing is elucidated threadbare in the 6CPC for Parity. An emergent CWC meeting may be convened at New Delhi so as to approach Dte with representation immediately & take follow up action.

sundar said...

I too agree with Mr.Rajinish for cadre restructuring in the field offices and be brought at par with CSSS. As once said by Mr. Rameshwar Singh in this blogspot, pay of Gr.II Stenographers has already been upgraded and granted pre-revised scale of Rs.6500 (might have been done unknowingly) and hence they should definitely be given Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-. In this issue, even if a complaint or represenation is made, GOI is silent. So I feel, it would be valid, if CAT is approached properly on this issue without clubbing PS/Sr.PS. I have made several representation in this regard. But I have not been given any reply/reject my case in this regard. May be they are unable.

Unknown said...

We welcome comments received from all quarters. It is very easy to pass comments. But thing is that whether the Stenographers working in Postal Department alone can grab parity or enhanced pay structure from Govt. of India? That is why we approached Hon.Court. Anyhow various suggestions will be kept in mind when the Department/Govt. invites us for discussions connected with RESTRUCTURING.

VALSALA & Venkatesh said...

We also support the comment offered by our AIPSA PRESIDENT on the subject. 6th CPC recommended parity of pay of Stenographer in Field Units with CSSS and new designation as EA for all Central Govt. Stenos and not for Postal Stenos alone. So the office bearers and all AIPSA Members should render assistance for the unity and strength of Confederation of Central Govt. Stenographers by contacting nearby other Central Govt. Stenos. Through united voice only we can achieve the 6th CPC recommendation implemented. Approaching CAT is one among the channel only and not alone the channel. JAI AIPSA

banerjeetk said...

After going through all the valuable comments passed on the CAT's verdict which appeared in the blog, it appears that without wasting any further time our Association should submit representations to the authorities concerned in the light of CAT's verdict in both OA & RA and depending on the final outcome of the representations, we may have to go for further filing in the CAT. The most viable alternative which comes to my mind now is that as all are aware that the 6th CPC in its recommendations fastened all the field offices in the Central Government Departments in a single chain, so individually postal stenographers cannot expect much through Court's verdict too. So, if Stenographers of all the field offices are to gain something that has to be achieved through the efforts of Confederation of Stenographers. I, therefore request our Association to initiate some discussion with the leaders of Confederation so that a case can be filed before CAT covering the stenographers of all the field offices. As pointed out by our friends in the blog, we should request the Department for urgent restructuring of the Cadre.

MN Raaman said...

MN Raaman, Steno,RO

I have seen the comments of our comrades. Let us move first towards submission of representations to the authorities concerned. Our GS should co-ordinate in this regard.