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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Reply from Shri K.S. Krishna Murthy, Treasurer, AIPSA

Regarding the filing of the case, it should be understood first of all that things did not go at the pace as we wish inspite of best efforts. We are engaging very very senior and busy lawyers, who have won the case for other Departments like CAT, CPWD Stenos etc. Once, they have prepared the OA. But, we were not happy with that. And again it was prepared and scheduled to be filed on 8th February. Mr. Sinha, very unfortunately, who redrafted the OA passed away on 4th February. The redrafted OA was in his computer and now Mr. Vikram Singh is again preparing afresh. We are regularly keeping in touch with the lawyers including Mr. GD Gupta, the senior lawyer. Now, they say it will be filed in 10 days hopefully. I say there are several things beyond our control. It is much easier said than done.
You must know that our Directorate and its officers or staff are not dynamic enough to match your imagined results or expected fruits. What can you do except taking up the issues by writing to the Directorate or visit it once in six months and tapping the chambers of Officers right from Secretary to ADG? At least such an effort ever taken earlier by any one? Do you expect to stage a hunger strike before Directorate? How many of you are ready for it? I again say it is easier much said than done. All of you will please understand that we are not seated in Delhi to make Directorate swiftly react to our demands. All our requests are going into oblivion once we step out of the Directorate. Yet, we are striving hard for realization of demands. Inspite of our regular correspondence of tens of representations, we have not received even one single response from the Directorate. Some one working in Delhi should rigorously pursue with the Directorate.
Regarding DPC for PS, the DDG (P) promised. we met the Member (P) and even Secretary (P) madam also. I only appeal to all our learned members to understand our limitations. In addition to dealing with the Directorate, taking care of court case, we are finding it very difficult to coordinate all the postal stenographers for consolidating the organization. We need support, which we are getting only from few Circles. We are trying to gear up all.


KS Krishna Murthy said...

PV Ramana says we need to take it up with the DOPT for parity. Well, we have already, say last year May, met Mr. Gurudas Kamat-Hon'ble Minister and persuaded him take up with his counterpart. Also received a reply from DOPT that whatever VI CPC recommended was already implemented, a millennium joke indeed. On the basis of that reply we are approaching CAT.

Strictly speaking, the woes of Postal Stenos are not different from that of any other Central Government field office stenos excepting promotion policies through exams (each department has its own policy). We can move the DOPT only through a confederation. All of you kindly provide your inputs in this direction. Some of the issues that we have in common are not only parity, but also model recruitment rules, restructure etc.

N Uma Devi said...

My full support to the President, GS and other active members of our Association, who are striving to file the CAT case. These things need lot of perseverence, dedication, personal time & energy on their part. I hope all the members will rally behind them with unflinching support and enrich the association with valuable suggestions.


I appreciate the candid remarks made by Shri. Mr.Krishna Murthy about the grievances of Stenographers. If we make an introspection, it would be difficult to hide the fact that till 2000 (i.e. before the inception of AIPSA) the stenographer’s cadre as a whole was smarting as underdogs as we were complacent with the fractured numerical strength . This was basically due to the lack of cohesion in appreciating the ground realities in the right perspective. It is easier said in negative than done anything within the modesty of sincerity. I am deeply pained by reading some remarks by people who were otherwise dormant for long for the best reasons known to them. Mudslinging is an ugly exercise from which one should desist instead one should use the opportunity for the weal of the members. The T.U spirit should not be diluted for the creation of a cult of chaotic thoughts. Let’s unite as ONE .

As I mentioned earlier sometimes back in our blog- formation of Confederation of Stenographers (working in other departments) is must for us. Except in Kerala or Tamilnadu , no other circles have taken any initiation so far. Still there is time. Utilise it properly.

Instead of criticizing we should appreciate the actions of AIPSA CHQ



I agree with you for fullest efforts taking regarding long pending issues.

Kindly also take early action to get permission in appearing PSS Group B'examiantion.

steno to SPOs'
Cuddalore Dn,Tamilnadu circle
EC member

E Murugadass Circle Secretary, AIPSA TN Circle and Blogs Manager AIPSA TN Blogspot said...

Kindly intimate the latest position about filing of cases in the Court on parity.

KS Krishna Murthy said...

The case is on the verge of filing. Everything is set ready with all required documents bunched to the petition. It may be filed in a day or two. This indeed sounds a relief in the light of the hard reality that filing of the case has become more difficult than winning it. There are several other advocates, of course, in order to avoid delay (as we even thought of resorting to implement this idea on a thorough vexation with the advocate's procrastinations. But, Mr. Gupta's experience, popularity and track record as advocate in service matters are unquestionable. Let's hope for the best outcome.