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Monday, June 11, 2018

GDS Strike Period as ‘No Work No Pay’

DO. No.1534/Secretary(Posts)/2018
07th June, 2018
Dear CPMG,
          Happily the fortnight-long Strike of Gramin Dak (GDS) has come to an end. Now before us is the urgency to restore normalcy of operations. Standing instructions in this regard are available with you. You may consult them and apply as the situation demands to clear the accumulated mails including COD, Speed Posts, etc. The next important task that comes to my mind is the resumption of roll out of our DARPAN project. This is one such project which can make a of difference in the way we are serving the public. We must put in extra effects to roll them them out by compensating the delay that had come the last fortnight.
The other important aspect that comes to my mind is the of reverue. Cessation of rural postal business for a fortnight should have an impact on revenue, but if we work with right earnest from today, we will be able to make up for the loss. The instructions on “no-work-no-pay” are already there and hence need not reiterate it. However, while applying the standing instructions, it should be in our priority that we do not do it with a of reprisal. If the Staff Side a meeting in this connection, that may granted, but the instructions on the Subject cannot be tweaked.
2. During the last fortnight, the number of complaints in all channels has gone up — whether it is Twitter Sewa or India Post Helpline or CCC or CPGRAMS. It will help if you immediately take a stock of all those and settle them sincerely. By this the Department as a whole can prove its resilience.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
All Heads of Circles

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