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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trade Union Facilities to Bharathiya Postal Employees Federation (BPEF) and its affiliated unions

SSC Notice - Important instructions to candidates for the examination conducting by the Commission in the month of july 2017.

SSC Notice - Important instructions to candidates for the examination conducting by the Commission in the month of july 2017. Check below for more details.

The Commission would be conducting the following examinations during the month of July, 2017:-

  • Sub-Inspectors in Delhi Police, CAPFs and Assistant Sub-Inspectors in CISF Examination (Paper-I) 2017 – from 1st July, 2017 to 7th July, 2017.
  • Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination, 2016 (Tier-II) on 9th July, 2017.
  • Selection Posts Examination, 2017 (Graduation Level) on 16th July, 2017.
  • Junior Engineer Examination, 2016 (Paper-II) on 30th July, 2017.
  • Lower Division Grade Limited Departmental Competitive Examination, 2017 on 30th July, 2017.
  • Steno Grade ‘C’ Limited Departmental Competitive Examination, 2017 on 30th July, 2017.

Notification: Click Here

Results of IPO examination held on 22-10-2106 &. 23-10-2016

CSD Purchasing Process, Eligibility FAQ - AFD Items Car, Motorcycle, TV, Refrigerator, Washing machine etc.


Can I purchase all models of AFD-I items (TV, refrigerator, AC etc) through CSD Depots?
No, only models listed in CSD are available through CSD. 
A new bike/car/television/refrigerator model was launched yesterday. Can I buy it through CSD? If not, how long will it take for the item to become available through CSD?
All items available in CSD stores go through a strict evaluation process to ensure quality and optimum pricing. Unfortunately, this means that newly-launched products will not be immediately available through CSD. However, the item will be available in CSD stores after a minimum time period of three to four months.
How often can I buy a new television/refrigerator/washing machine etc?
All CSD consumers can purchase these items once in three years.
I am an Ex-Serviceman - am I eligible to buy a 4 wheeler through CSD?
Yes, CSD welcomes the patronage of ex-servicemen under certain conditions.
What are the conditions for purchasing a 4 wheeler through CSD?
The following conditions must be met for purchasing a 4 wheeler through CSD:

Are all military personnel entitled to purchase 2 wheelers? 
Certainly, CSD offers 2 wheelers to every category of the Armed Forces. However, a 2 wheeler can only be purchased every three years. 
Do I need any special sanctions in order to purchase a 2 or 4 wheeler? 
If so, how do I obtain them? For the convenience of the CSD consumer, no sanction has been placed on the purchase of 2 wheelers. The centralised Car sanction by CS Dte has been discontinued w.e.f. 20 Jul 2015. 
Why does the same item have differing costs in different CSD depots? 
Unfortunately, CSD is unable to keep costs consistent throughout the country due to differing tax structures of different states. 
Are tax benefits available to CSD customers in all states? 
Unfortunately, tax benefits are not available in all states. Some states have granted full exemption while others have given certain concessions. 
Which states offer full tax exemption on VAT?
The states of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh have granted full tax exemption to CSD while the Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh etc have granted certain tax concessions.

Results of IPO examination (LDCE) held on 22-10-2106 &. 23-10-2016 - Circle wise

Congratulations to all successful candidates.

Click below link to view results

Central Civil Pensioners: Now Track 7th CPC Revision and View Monthly Pension Payment & Revision Orders - Register now

The Web Responsive Pensioners' service has been developed to provide single point web solution for pensioners to obtain comprehensive information relating to status of the pensions and pension payments.
Pensioners can avail the following services after registration on CPAO website:

  • Pensioners can view their profile and also of the bank and PAO concerned.
  • View list of all Pension Payments &Revision Orders sent to banks from CPAO.
  • Pensioners can download Pension/Revision Orders sent to Banks from CPAO website.
  • Pensioners can view details of monthly payments of pension that are credited to their bank accounts, i.e. their basic pension,dearness relief, medical allowance, arrear payments, etc.

This information is being made available from the monthly scrolls received from the banks. Payment details of the last six transactions are shown.
Pensioners are now provided with an SMS facility for tracking status of pension process at CPAO, and at the stage of grievance registration & disposal.
Easy Registration on CPAO Web Responsive Pensioners Service - 
Pension Processing Status Tracking : Retired and retiring pensioners can track status of their pension cases of both new as well as revision like date of receipt of their cases in CPAO and date sent from CPAO to the Bank. To track the pension status, in respect of retired government employees, PPO numbers, date of birth and date of retirement/date of death are required. 
Important: For retiring employees, PAN number and date of retirement is required. - Click given link for more information 
Information required for Registration: 
  1. PPO No.
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Date of Retirement/Death
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Email ID
Note: Please check your Email ID before registration

How to registered on Web Responsive Pensioner's Service

1st Step:- In first screen of Registration enter correct PPO Number & click Submit Button
2nd Step: In second screen fill Date of Birth and Date of Retirement/Death in DD/MM/YYYY format
Example:- for Date of Birth 05th March 1949 fill 05/03/1949 [enter only digit "/" not required]
3rd & last important Step:-
User ID: - In box near to UserID choose your easy user ID and check the availability.  Suggested to keep user-id equal to Email User ID, which is easy to remember. If your email ID is vmurugan @ gmail.com then try first "vmurugan" as your User ID and check availability.
Password & Confirm Password: Write a secure password same in both box and memorize/note it.
Security Question/Answer: Next have to select security question, select any one security question suitable to you and write the answer of selected security question.  Please note this is required of recovery of your forgotten password, therefore choose security question related to you and your own answer.
Mobile No.: Fill your own correct mobile number to get information via SMS in future.

Email ID: Fill your Email-ID carefully.
Captcha Image: Enter the Image text correctly.  You can change the image by clicking the button next to it. Appearance of Captcha Image is depends on Internet Speed and browser setting.  If captcha image is not appearing then check the internet speed or change the Internet Browser.
Now Click the "Create my Account" Button, will get the congratulation message and link to login.  In login screen fill your User-ID & Password.  Now view your all details.

Above process also can be done in Smartphone.
 Sign-Up! Only for Central Civil Pensioners.
Other users and CCAs / CAs / PAOs may contact 1800117788 Or cccpao[at]nic[dot]in for any help or query.