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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Provision of one Office Assistant to the Sub Divisional Heads for official assisance for half day daily-regarding


Now Post Offices , Banglore one centres to accept e -waste in the City

BENGALURU: The city is the third-largest producer of e-waste in India, preceded by Mumbai and Delhi. But Bengaluru's official recycling units are woefully underutilised as around 70 per cent of e-waste is handled by the unorganised sector and the rest by organisations registered with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB). 

The need of the hour, according to environment experts, is to create awareness among individuals about formal and responsible disposal of e-waste. Taking a step in this direction, two city-based nonprofits, Saahas and Environmental Synergies in Development (Ensyde), are collaborating with post offices and Bangalore One centres to set up e-waste collection units in their premises. 
"We have been encouraging schools and other institutions to set up e-waste collection centres on their premises. However, not everyone has access to those," said Divya Tiwari, CEO, Saahas. "People do not want to carry heavy electronics to far-flung authorised collection centres and high logistics costs do not allow organisations like ours to collect door-to-door." 
Since this January, 12 drop-off boxes have been set up in Bengaluru South and 1.98 tonne of e-waste has been collected. The non-profits have reached out to 34 resident welfare associations and 50 institutions (including schools, colleges, hospitals, retail outlets and malls). A van is scheduled to collect the waste from the drop-off points every month. 
The onus is on households to transport e-waste to authorised collection centres. The process has not been monetised, which is why people often resell equipment to unauthorised collectors for a few rupees. The latter do not follow scientific or safe processes to extract metals, causing pollution. 
Saahas and Ensyde are seeking funds to expand to other parts of the city. Whitefield is next on their list, Tiwari said, given the high number of IT companies and tech-savvy residents in the locality. Employees of software firm VMware are on board as part of its their citizen philanthropy initiative. "Bengaluru has provided us with jobs, but is now exploding. At an individual level, we are all adding to the imbalance in environmental equilibrium and it is our responsibility to control the damage we are causing," said Chirag Arora, senior member of technical staff, VMware, who is associated with this project. 
Manvel Alur, founder, Ensyde, said that funding will be used to buy more bins (each cost around Rs 10,000) and introduce IT intervention." 
The Economic Times


No. 2-1/2007-08/PA (Tech-I) D-813-897
NEW DELHI-110001
Sub:-Payment of Salary and other Personal Payments, Salary by Cash on optional basis or through Cheque/Electronically through Bank – instructions regarding.

In continuation of this Directorate O.M. of even No. D-482-558 dated 11.07.2007 wherein clarificatory Orders for disbursement of salary to the staff through POSB Accounts were issued and further O.M. of even No.D-255-326 dated 14.05.2009 wherein decision of Director General (Posts) for disbursement of Pay and Allowances to all employees of Department of Posts through cheque and/or through direct credit to the Salary/Savings Accounts of the employees concerned was conveyed for implementation in letter and spirit.
2. Further, another O.M. of even No. D-473-524 dated 03.10.2012 was issued, wherein decision of DG (Posts) was conveyed that payments of Salary and other personal payments including Retirement/Terminal benefits to all employees of Department of Posts mandatorily be made through Bank including POSB electronically by issuing payment advices with immediate effect. However, in special and exceptional cases, payment of Pay and Allowances including other personal payments to the employees can be made through cheque only with the prior approval of Head of Office/Divisional Head/Head of Postal Accounts office.
3. The case has been carefully re-examined in the light of provisions contained in Ministry of Finance, Gazette Notification dated 30.03.2012 and Department of Expenditure, Controller General of Accounts OM. F. No. 1(1 )/20ll/TA/292 &303 dated 31.03.2012 & 11.04.2012 and it has been decided by DG (Posts), that hence forth, all Government Servants of Department of Posts are permitted to receive their Salary by direct credit to their Bank Accounts or in Cash or by Cheque, at their ‘option’ and payments other than Salary like HBA above Rs. 25000/- and all payments towards settlement of Retirement/Terminal benefits such as Gratuity, Commuted value of Pension, Encashment of Leave Salary, CGEGIS, withdrawal from General Provident fund, etc. by issue of – payment advices, including electronically signed payment advices, Cheque/POSB Account or Bank Account.
4. All concerned are requested to issue suitable instructions to all Drawing and Disbursing Authorities working under their administrative jurisdiction for strict compliance.
5. The receipt of this OM may kindly be acknowledged to Sh. Naresh Kumar, Asstt. Chief Accounts Officer (PEA), Room No. 412, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi – 110001
(Rajnish Kumar)

Now you can get PAN and TAN in just one day

NEW DELHI: To improve the Ease of Doing Business for new corporates, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has tied up with Ministry of Corporate Affairs to issue Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) in just 1 day. 
"Applicant companies can submit a common application form SPICe (INC 32) on the corporate affairs ministry portal and once the data of incorporation is sent to CBDT by the ministry, the PAN and TAN will be issued immediately without any further intervention of the applicant," Ministry of Finance said in a statement. 
"The Certificate of Incorporation (COI) of newly incorporated companies includes the PAN in addition to the Corporate Identity Number (CIN). TAN is also allotted simultaneously and communicated to the Company," Ministry added. 
The ministry said, 19,704 newly incorporated Companies have been allotted PAN in this manner till March 31. 
During March, 2017, of the 10,894 newly-incorporated companies, PAN was allotted within 4 hours in 95.63 per cent cases and within 1 day in all cases. Similarly, TAN was allotted to all such companies within 4 hours in 94.7 per cent cases and within 1 day in 99.73 per cent cases. 
The new system would make the entire registration process simpler, reduce the number of registration required and the time taken for allotment of the registration number (CIN, PAN, TAN). 
In another initiative, CBDT has also introduced the Electronic PAN Card (E-PAN) facility, which will be sent by email, in addition to issue of the physical PAN Card at the time of issuance. 
E-PAN would be a digitally-signed card, which can be submitted as a proof of identity to other agency electronically directly or by storing in the government's Digital Locker
The Economic Times