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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Comments on proposed revision of Recruitment Rules of Stenographer Grade-I.

            Dy. Director General (Estt.),
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
            New Delhi – 110001.
                                                            (Through Proper Channel)
Sub.     :  Proposed revision of Recruitment Rules (RRs) of  Stenographer Gr.I – Reg.
Ref.      :  Letter No.49/3/2010-SPB-I dated  Jan. 2016.

Respected Sir,

            I would like to submit the following for your kind consideration on the above subject:

1.    That the proposed Recruitment Rules is nothing but destroying the Stenographer cadre itself.  First, the Department has merged the Stenographer Cadre with a malaise intention to destroy the cadre.  There was no consultation of the AIPSA or heard anything from the suffering Stenographers working in field units.   No financial benefits have been extended as a result of merger.
2.      Before, issuing such RR, the views of the present Stenographers to be obtained and settle the anomalies prevalent in the Cadre.  Without deciding the future of the present employees, the Department has been issuing RRs is nothing but adding salt to the injure minority cadre of the Department.  No other cadre has been treated in such a step-motherly attitude as of Stenographer Cadre, because they are in minority. There is no working stenographers in the Directorate i.e. in Dak Bhavan, which is the decision making body.  As a result of this, neither the officials nor the officers are aware of the position of the Stenographers who are working in Circle / Regional offices.  
3.      Since the 7th CPC has equated the field staff with the secretariat staff, issuance of such RR for Stenographer Gr.I fixing Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- is not at all acceptable to us.  In 6th CPC, the Secretariat Stenographer i.e. CSSS Stenographer Gr.C  have already getting the Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- as such the Grade Pay for Stenographer Gr.I ought to be fixed at 4600/-.
4.      Thereafter, the promotional policy of the Stenographers have also been not notified.  In CSSS, the Stenographer who enters the service as Grade-D has been moving upto Staff Officer / Principle Staff Officer in the Grade Pay of Rs.7600/-.  Alas! the Stenographers of  Postal Department hardly reach Rs.5400/-.  Most of them have retired in the Grade of Rs.4600/- despite putting up more than 30 years of service.  Therefore, the Department first has to carry out Cadre Restructuring of Stenographers and then only proceeded to issue of fresh recruitment rules.  Before issuing such RRs the status and prospects of the present incumbents should be taking in to consideration.  But the Department of Posts has never in dialogue with the Stenographers Association. 
5.      The Grade Pay of Stenographer Grade II has been fixed at Rs.2400/-  ought to be rejected in toto.   Presently, all most all the Stenographers working in the Department Posts have crossed the Grade Pay of Rs.4200/-, therefore, no one bothers about it and raised any objection to it.
6.      Therefore, the Grade Pay for Stenographer Gr.I should be fixed at Rs.4800/- so that Stenographers working at present will get some benefits. 
7.      The Circles have hardly  held any DPC and there is no uniformity amongst them.  Therefore, the Stenographers working in bigger Circle such as Tamilnadu, M.P., Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar are deprived for their rights.  On the other hands the juniors who joined on later date have been  elevated to higher scale by virtue of small numbers in other Circles.  This malady should be set right by making this Stenographer Cadre as All India Cadre as that of  IP/ASP Cadre.
8.      For the last 10 years there is no recruitment to the feeder cadre  and there is no promotion also effected in most of the Circles. Therefore, first the present situation should be settled in consultation with AIPSA and affected Stenographers.
9.      33% by deputation should be nullified.  As there is no recruitment for the Stenographers Gr.II for the last 10years, what is the point in giving 33% of the post filled up by Deputation.  Already, in most of the Circles, Postal Assistants are holding the post of Stenographers,  not for the financial benefits but because of the SP / SSP coercion
10.  After  the Post of Stenographer Gr.I, the promotional hierarchy is not clear and ambiguous.  Neither the Stenographers have been permitted to appear in Departmental Group-A Examination, nor giving any promotional avenues  to them.  The present scenario reveals that promotion given as Personal Secretary has been turned down by the promotees shows the frustration in the Stenographer Cadre. 

In view of the above, it is suggested that Grade Pay of Stenographer Gr.I should be fixed at Rs.4800/-.  If any consultative meeting to be held in this regard, I may kindly be called for placing my view before the Committee with requisite documents.   
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Dated: 15.02.2016
(A.  Sowrirajan)
Steno. Gr.II,
O/o Sr. Suptd. Of Post Offices,
Thanjavur Dn. – 613001.

Comments on RR of Stenographer Grade-I

Dear friends, 

Hope you all are fine . The mail which I received from Mr. Anil Kr. Singh, CS, Bihar Circle is self-explanatory. I request you all to send your comments to me so as to enable me to send to all Circles in a Uniform manner. You are all requested to adhere to the target date fixed. 

With kind regards, 

E. Murugadas,

Respected Murugadas ji, 
Kindly go through the SPB-I Section letter no. 49-3/2010-SPB-I dated 03.02.2016 reg. RR of Stenographer grade I.  Comments of the Stakeholders has been sought in the said letters. If no comment on the proposed RR is received it will be presumed that Stakeholders (i.e. AIPSA) is satisfied with the RR and it will be implemented.  In Bihar circle comment is sought from us. It will be better that the approved comment of GS of AIPSA should be submitted in every circle by stenographers of concerned circle. 
So far Bihar Circle is concerned our comments on the RR is as follows:
It is great injustice with stenos Grade II (previous grade III with GP Rs 2400) that MACP and Promotion, both are given in 10 years; whereas in previous RR promotion was granted in 5 years and MACP in 10 years.  We are of the opinion that Promotion in grade I should be granted in 5 years
I request you to let us know your comment (with consultation of CWC Members) on the subject which will be submitted in every Circle. Kindly cause to submit your opinion early because the stipulated time is 3 March 2016. So every circle must submit their comments upto 20 February 2016; rest time we will take to monitor which circle has not submitted their comments. 
With regards. 
Yours fraternally,
Anil K. Singh,
Steno,CO, Patna.