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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Foreign travel of Government officers – Clarification issued by Finance Ministry

No. 7(1)/E.Coord/2014
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi
10th November 2014

Subject: International travel – clarification regarding.

Guidelines/instructions on the subject of international travels have been issued by this Department from time to time. Latest instructions on the subject have been issued vide this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 29.10.2014 [Paragraph 2.4 refers]. In order to clarify the subject further, following instructions on international travels are reiterated for compliance —

(i) Proposals for participation in conferences seminars conventions/workshops/study tours/presentation of papers abroad at Government cost will not be entertained except those that are fully funded by sponsoring/inviting organizations which may be considered keeping in mind the public interest and Government business at home.

(ii) No officer should undertake more than four (4) official visits abroad in a calendar year. For visits exceeding four by an officer, detailed justification would need to be furnished and such visit would be allowed only in exceptional cases depending on functional need.

(iii) The size of the delegation and the duration of visit shall be kept to the absolute minimum. The Administrative Secretary shall make sure that in every case officers of appropriate functional level dealing with the subject are sponsored / deputed instead of those at higher levels. Visits at the level of Secretaries should be planned only if their presence is essential and officers of or the level of Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary can not substitute them for the purpose of enunciating Government policies/stand point.

(iv) Foreign travel of Government officers at the cost of PSUs/PSEs is discouraged, unless the journey is undertaken specifically in connection with the affairs of the PSU/PSE. Specific reasons for charging the expenditure to the PSU/PSE on account of foreign travel must be spelt out in the proposal. Wherever expenditure on the visit of Government officers is borne by PSU/PSE, the entitlements of the officers shall remain same as his entitlements under Government Rules/regulations/norms/instructions.

2. This issues with the approval of Secretary (Expenditure).


Source: www.finmin.nic.in

Seventh Pay Commission has sought information on the parity of pay scales manifests in posts of a similar nature


Dated: 8th September, 2014


The 7th Central Pay Commission has been receiving a number of memoranda, representations from associations/federations as well as individual cadres on pay and related issues. As part of its working, the Commission is also hearing various groups of employees both in Delhi and during its visits outside Delhi.
2. One of the major issues raised before the Commission centres on the subject of parity. One aspect of parity manifests in how posts of a similar nature are placed. Certain cadres/category of employees have, in their deposition before the Commission, stated that there are cases when identical or similarly placed cadres/categories of employees in different Ministries/Departments are placed differentially in terms of pay and promotional prospects.

3. With a view to examining and addressing this aspect of parity amongst apparently similarly placed cadres/posts, the Commission has devised a template to be filled in for posts being administered by your Department. The template seeks to elicit information that would be readily available in the Recruitment Rules for the concerned post(s)/cadres. In case your Department only operates posts involving common cadres like the Central Secretariat Service (CSS), Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS), Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS), a NIL report may kindly be furnished to the Commission.

4. Since the Work of the Commission is time bound may I request that information as sought is furnished by 25 September 2014. Perhaps a copy of the RRs themselves could be sent as advance information.

Yours sincerely,
(Meena Agarwal)

Prime Minister launches Jeevan Pramaan-Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today launched “Jeevan Pramaan” – an “Aadhar-based Digital Life Certificate” for pensioners, in a move that could eventually benefit over a crore pensioners. The Prime Minister said that after the push towards self-certification, this digital life certificate was another enabling mechanism which would benefit the common man.

The proposed digital certification will do away with the requirement of a pensioner having to submit a physical Life Certificate in November each year, in order to ensure continuity of pension being credited into his account. The Department of Electronics and IT has developed a software application which will enable the recording of the pensioner`s Aadhar number and biometric details from his mobile device or computer, by plugging in a biometric reading device. Key details of the pensioner, including date, time, and biometric information will be uploaded to a central database on real-time basis, ultimately enabling the Pension Disbursing Agency to access a Digital Life Certificate. This will conclusively establish that the pensioner was alive at the time of authentication.

The earlier requirement entailed that a pensioner either personally presents himself before the Pension Disbursing Agency, or submits a Life Certificate issued by authorities specified by the Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO).

At present, 50 lakh individuals draw pension from the Central Government alone. A similar number draw pension from State and Union Territory Governments. Several PSUs also provide pension benefits. Over 25 lakh retired personnel draw pension from the Armed Forces. The Aadhar-Based Digital Life Certificate will go a long way in reducing hardship which so many senior citizens have to go through to produce a Life Certificate every year.

The software application system will be made available to pensioners and other stakeholders on a large scale at no extra cost. It can be operated on a personal computer or a smartphone, along with an inexpensive biometric reading device. This facility will also be made available at Common Service Centres being operated under the National e-Governance Plan, for the benefit of pensioners residing in remote and inaccessible areas.

Source: PIB News