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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Suggestions received from Shri K.S. Krishna Murthy, Vice President, AIPSA

The order is not clear.  The process would not be completed by this order.  Firstly, the present Grade I and Grade II should be merged and redesignated as Grade I.  Secondly, the present Grade III should be redesignated as Grade II.  Thirdly, after merger of Grades, vacancies in the new Grade I should be filled up from the newly redesignated Grade II.  With this, there is every chance for seniors in Grade III to get promoted to Grade I.  The present order is focussing only on Grade I and Grade II.   An administrative order is sufficient for this and for future promotion from Grade II to Grade I, DPC is must and for the DPC to recommend eligibility criterion must be made available in the form of new recruitment rules.
Apart from this, new recruitment rules issued by the DOPT should be circulated.  We do not know for what reason the Directorate is referring the matter to the Law Department and the DOPT.  Is it due to the coinage of the term ‘model recruitment rules’, which sounds that they are not original?  Anyways, in the absence of new recruitment rules, eligibility criterion is not clear for promotion to Grade I from Grade II.  Unless, Grade III is not redesignated as Grade II, there shall be a void between Grade III and Grade I.  Also, a present Grade III stenographer would not be eligible to get Rs.4800 on attaining MACP III or 3rd promotion.  This is a big blow to Grade III stenographers.
This is not a complete happy situation.  I request our GS and other active members involved in getting these orders issued to focus on this.
The VI CPC has merged the pay scales of Grade II and Grade I stenographers in the pre-revised scales of Rs.5000-150-8000 and Rs.5500-175-9000 and placed them in the higher pay scale of Rs.Rs.6500-200-10500.  This is not merely a case of merger, but upgradation which goes to say that it should be ensured that all those Grade II and Grade I stenographers who were below Rs.6500/- should be brought to the minimum of Rs.6500-200-10500 i.e. Rs.6500/-.  If it were done, the minimum of the pay would have been Rs.16290 (including Grade Pay) in the new pay scales (Rs.6500x1.86+Rs.4200=Rs.16290).  This has nothing to do with parity issue and no demand to hike the GP is also involved in this.  This is just a demand for implementation of a glaring recommendation of the VI CPC and accepted by the Govt. of India.  Moreover, it was clearly stated in Dte. letter No.4-7/(MACPS)/2008-PCC, dated 2.5.2012 (cited at 4 above) that “it is wrong to conclude merger of pre-revised scale of pay of Rs.5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500.  The Department has also at no point of time issued orders of merger of the Stenographers in these three pre-revised scales of pay in the light para (ii) of Section I of Part B of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 notified in Gazette of India vide GSR 622 (E), dated 29.8.2008."  As such, it is crystal clear that our case is not a case of merger, but a case of upgradation, which means that every Grade II and Grade I Stenographer as on 1.1.2006 should be brought to the minimum of Rs.16290/-.  During the implementation of V CPC also, the scale of Inspectors was also enhanced and all the Inspectors were brought to the minimum of Rs.5500/-.  It is not understood why it is not happening in the case of stenographers.  If it happens, at least 30% of stenographers will be benefited.  This could be done at the level of the Directorate itself.
Next with some rigorous pursuit with the Directorate and the DOPT one more achievement that we have to aim it is that as all the Grade II and Grade I stenographers are elevated to Rs.6500-200-10500 in the pre-revised scale as on 1.1.2006, they are entitled for Rs.4600 GP with effect from 1.1.2006. 
I request our GS to seriously look into this.

Krishna Murthy KS
Vice President, AIPSA