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Saturday, December 14, 2013

A letter from our General Secretary, AIPSA

My dear friends,

          After taking over charge as G.S. of the Association, I had to visit Delhi for the first time to attend Directorate on the communication received from Postal Directorate in connection with submission of a revised proposal for Cadre Restructuring of Stenographers. In addition to Cadre Restructuring, the issues of parity with Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS), Merger of Grade-I & II grades etc., were discussed at length with Director (Estt.), DDG (Estt.) and DDG (Personnel), as detailed below.

          Some Circles have submitted their views and proposals and after taking into consideration all these issues, prepared a proposal for submission.

          My first focus was to remove the stagnation and create opportunity for promotions in PS and Sr.PS cadres, simultaneously demanding parity between CSSS and DOP. Accordingly, my proposal is given here under :

Entry Grade
Grade I
4800 (after 4 years 5400 in P.B. 3)
Criteria for promotion to P.S. shall be 6 years in Grade I.
6600 (in P.B. 3) – Attached to Joint Secretary (PMG) level officer.
7600 (In P.B. 3) – Attached to Additional Secretary (CPMG) level officer.

          You will agree that most of our friends after putting in long years of service are not even getting P.S. promotion, which is a point of serious concern and needs urgent redressal and to address this issue, I have opted for the above structure.

          We went to Directorate with the above proposal. First we got the opportunity of meeting Mr.Harender Singh, Director (Estt). He has joined recently on promotion and you can imagine the situation. We were informed that he was briefed by retired Member(P) that the problems of Stenographers need to be addressed as they have a genuine grievance.  But, when we have put forth our proposal, he told us that when 7th CPC is already in the pipeline, it is not advisable for us to submit the above proposal as it is, because there is a possibility of Directorate referring the matter to DoPT and from there likely to be referred to 7th CPC going to be set up shortly, which will be detrimental to our interests, consuming much time. 

          Officers at Postal Directorate have advised us to go in for Cadre Restructuring separately, and to take up the proposal for parity afterwards. They say by doing so, they will be able to recommend the cadre restructuring proposal to DoPT, without much difficulty. They have put some conditions such as

(i)       There should not be any financial implication,
(ii)      There cannot be a demand for increase in the Grade Pay, which is a matter to be decided by a Pay Commission,
(iii)     There cannot be any change of nomenclature of posts,
(iv)     Matching savings to be shown in the proposal to increase the number of posts at PS & Sr. PS level. 

 Only one positive word from them is  that we can  increase the numbers in P.S and Sr.P.S. cadre, showing matching savings through reduction of posts at entry level and upgrading some posts at Grade-I. 

          With the above implications, it is thought that we will go for cadre restructuring as follows:

Sanctioned Strength
Proposed Strength
Entry Grade
By way of matching savings, we may propose to surrender 200 posts.  The post of stenos attached to PSDs, CSDs, A.O. and remote steno posts in Dn.,  can be abolished
Grade I
It is proposed to reduce the strength and  increase the numbers in P.S. & Sr.P.S.
PS can be attached to either Director / PMG level of officers.
Sr. PS can be attached to either PMG / CPMG

It is to bring to your notice that in the Cadre Restructuring for CSSS stenographers in 2011, new post of Principal Staff Officer (PSO) was created carving out 15% of PPS & Sr. PPS posts, 625 posts of PPS have been created by way of reducing posts at the level of Personal Assistant & Steno Grade-D.  Hence, this argument has gained ground.

          You are all aware that after rendering 30 to 35 years of service, most of our friends are retiring in Grade-I cadre only.  This is due to severe stagnation, which needs to be addressed.  By reducing the no. of posts in Grade-I and resultantly upgrading the posts in PS and Sr.PS, stagnation can be removed to some extent.  This will be the first step.

II.       After submitting the cadre restructuring proposal, we have to concentrate on the issue of parity between CSSS and DoP.  We took the opportunity of meeting DDG (Estt.) who is the key person to look into the issue of parity.  Amidst her busy schedule, she could give appointment and we had drawn her attention on the growing disparity between CSSS and DoP and explained about the existing Grade Pay and our structure and how heavy stagnation has affected the promotional avenues of stenographers in DoP.  As an example, we have shown her that there is no difference in the Grade Pay after giving promotion as the Grade Pay of Grade-II and Grade-I is the same i.e., Rs.4200. We also informed her that the orders received from DoPT are not being promptly implemented in DoP such as framing of Revised Recruitment Rules and merger of Grade II and Grade I.  She has given a patient hearing and assured that she will see to it that we get better pay scales at least in 7th CPC. 
It is out of place to mention here that the 7th CPC is already in the pipe line and DoPT has already held a meeting on 24.10.2013 to discuss the possible Terms of Reference (ToR) for the 7th CPC with the representatives of Staff side of JCM.  As is seen from the political scenario, after the election results, the ruling party may go in for appointment of 7th CPC, merger of DA with Pay to attract the vote bank of central government employees and pensioners and we need to utilize this opportunity. 

          In the above context, I feel that we have to submit

1) Cadre Restructure Proposal and          
 2) Proposal demanding parity with CSSS

simultaneously, on the lines of DoPT and as recommended by 6th CPC, without any wastage of time. 

          I request you to offer your valuable views and suggestions for cadre restructure as well as on the issue of parity immediately, for submitting the proposals to Postal Directorate.

Appeal to all CWC members/Circle Secretaries:

          In the meantime, I would like to place my appreciation to Mr. Amit Datta for his commendable job in collecting data from almost all Circles in a short span of time. I also request all the CWC Members/C.Ss/Members to work together as Mr. Amit Datta has been helping to G.S without finding fault with one another. We are going in a right way in making our maiden visit to Directorate and meeting the officers in view of the exigency. Officers are very helpful to us. Particularly I can say here the patient hearing of our issues by the DDG (Estt.). First we were denied appointment with her for discussion and after persuasion we had discussion for more than one and half hour and assured us to help our case of Parity at least in the 7 CPC. We may make use of the opportunity. I don’t want to go into the past. Criticisms are welcome but they should not make any harm/dent to the unity of AIPSA. Kindly co-operate as we are in a crucial juncture. Healthy views will be taken into account and are welcome from any quarters of our cadre to get maximum benefits for more of our cadre people.     
With Regards,