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Monday, September 23, 2013

AIPSA All India Conference - 25th and 26th October 2013 - Reception Committee

Dear Friends,
In continuation of the Circular No.1, the following additional information and guidance for the delegates are given below which may kindly be taken note of.

 In view of the All India Conference to be conducted at Kanyakumari, EC Meeting of AIPSA, TN was held at Madurai on 13.09.2013 and the following decisions were taken unanimously. A Reception Committee and also Co-ordination Committees formed,  Region-wise,  to assist the Reception Committee as detailed below:

Contact numbers and email address are also given below for furnishing  information about your arrival and departure and also for any guidance on arrival/departure of trains/buses at Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore and the Conference venue Kanyakumari.  Those who get down at any of the above places can contact the Co-ordinating members at the respective places for assistance. Please ensure that while giving information your contact number (Mob.No.) also may be given.


PRESIDENT:  Sri K. Suresh Kumar, President, AIPSA, TN & Chairman, Reception Committee & PA to APMG(PLI), O/o the Ch.PMG, TN Circle, Chennai 600 002.  Mob.No:09790223512. E-mail:suresh1955aipsa@gmail.com
SECRETARY: Sri E.Murugadas, Circle Secretary, AIPSA, TN & Secretary, Reception Committee & PA to SSRM, RMS ‘MA’ Division, Madurai 625 001. Mob.No:09842621567. E-mail: murugadas_aipsa@rediffmail.com
TREASURER: Sri N. Ganesan,Treasurer, Reception Committee & PA to SSPOs, Virudhunagar Dn., Virudhunagar 626 001  (Mobile No.09442664568). E-mail:ganeshsrivilliputtur@gmail.com.

A sum of Rs.500/- may please be sent by MO  towards delegation fee for each delegate to Shri N. Ganesan, Treasurer, Reception Committee, & PA to SSPOs Virudhunagar Division, Virudhunagar 626 001.

1.Sri K. Suresh Kumar, Chairman, Reception Committee.
2.Smt. V. Umathangam, PA to Director (MB), O/o the Ch.PMG, TN Circle, Chennai 600 002.  Mob.No:09884092680.  
3. Smt. Pushpa Venkatesan, PA to Sr. Manager, MMS, Chennai 600 006. Mob.No:09840027570. 
4.Smt. V. Revathy, PA to SRM, RMS ‘M’ Dn., Chennai 600 008.  Mob.No:09884887930.
5.Sri M.N. Raman, PA to SRM, Chennai Stg. Dn., Chennai 600 008. Mob.No:09994108159.
1.Sri  E. Murugadas, Secretary, Reception Committee.
2.Shri. S. Nagasivam, offg. PS to PMG, O/o the PMG, Southern Region, Madurai 625 002.  Mob.No:09443719544.
3.Smt. R. Rajeswari, PA to DPS, O/o the PMG, Southern Region, Madurai 625 002.  Mob.No:09486826614.
4.Shri. S. Anbanandam, PA to SSPOS, Tuticorin Dn., Tuticorin 628 008.  Mob.No:09894223439 & Treasurer AIPSA, TN Circle.
5. Sri N. Bagavathikumar, PA to SPOs, Tirunelveli Dn., Tirunelveli 627 002. Mob.No:09442715536.
6.Sri E. S. Andi, PA to SPOs, Theni Dn., Theni 625 531. Mob.No:09442450202.
7.Sri T. Pushparaj, PA to SSPOs, Kanyakumari Dn., Nagercoil 629 001. Mob.No:09047149231.
1.Shri. S. Arulmanickam, offg. PS to PMG, O/o the PMG, Western Region, Coimbatore 641 002.  Mob.No:09442001531.
2.Smt. S. Uma, PA to DPS, O/o the PMG, Western Region, Coimbatore 641 002. Mob.No:08098424346.
3.Shri. E.V.S. Latha, PA to APMG(S), O/o the PMG, Western Region, Coimbatore 641 002.  Mob.No:09443113324.
4.Sri K. Sundararajan, PA to AO ICO(SB), O/o the PMG, Western Region, Coimbatore 641 002. Mob.No:09442007391.
5.Sri K. Arumugam, PA to SRM, RMS ‘CB’ Dn., Coimbatore 641 001. Mob.No:09600218304.
1. Sri. N. Venkat, PA to DPS, O/o the PMG, Central Region,  Tiruchirappalli 620 001. Mob.No:09442131645/09786180413.
2.   Sri D. Mohan, PA to SSPOs, Tiruchirappalli Dn., Tiruchirappalli 620 001. Mob.No:09600712003.

Circle Secretaries will intimate the number of participants from their Circle well in advance  so as to arrange early accommodation. Hence, all Circle Secretaries of AIPSA are requested to send the names of your delegates on urgent basis. 

(E. Murugadas),Circle Secretary, Tamil Nadu.