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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fifth Anomaly Committee meeting held on 17th July,2012

Outcome of discussion on important issues;-

1. Special Allowance & Qualification Pay—
The demand for taking special allowance and qualification pay for fixation purposes on promotion w.e.f. 1.1.2006 is agreed to be considered and finalized within one month.

2. Rule 8 of Revised Pay Rules :-
It was agreed that taking into consideration, Recruitment Rules the Senior promotee’s pay will be allowed to be fixed at the same stage (especially at the minimum of pay) thus the seniors will get the entry stage pay fixed for direct recruits.

3. Transport Allowance :-
Since CCA got subsumed in the Transport Allowance resulting denial of Overtime, action will be taken to review this particular aspect to mitigate the hardship.

4. Revision of Existing Allowances :-
Agreed to process the doubling the allowances (Hospital Patient Care Allowance etc.) Cabinet’s approval will be sought. Target date for finalization is one month.

5. Commutation of’ Additional Pension or Revision of Pension in respect of post 31.12.2005 retirees :-
Department of Pension to make calculation for knowing the difference of amount between pre 1.1.2006 and post 1.1.2006. Thereafter a view will be taken.

6. Commutation of Revised Pension :-
Will be examined further. Copy of Supreme Court Judgement will be given to staff Side.

7. Revision of Base Index for Dearness Allowance :-
Calculation sheet will be sent to Staff Side for comments.

8. Fixation of pay on promotion (shouldering higher responsibility) to a post carrying same Grade pay :-
Agreed to grant additional increment erstwhile FR-22-C.

9. Anomaly in the Pay Scale. Pay Band and Grade Pay — Library Information Assistant :-
will be referred to Department of Culture for comments for considering allotment of Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- in PB-2.

10. MACPS Anomalies:
Secretary (Personnel) while appreciating the points raised by Stall Side has decided that a separate meeting will be held shortly (tentative date 27th July, 2012).

11. 15 Years Period fixed for Commutation is Arbitrary/unjustified :-
Official Side stated that the issue will be examined further.

12. Anomalies in the Pay Scale of Official Language Staff — Grant of parity to Rajbhasha Sahayaks :-
Railway Ministry’s proposal for granting parity is under active consideration. Favorable decision is expected.

13. Grant of parity in the case of Indian Railways Stenographers :-
Staff Side insisted that in the light of Cabinet’s approval for granting parity, the Railway Ministry should issue orders without referring to Ministry of Finance. It was however stated by the Official Side that this being a common category. Ministry of Finance will have to be approached by Railway Ministry. After discussion it was agreed to expedite decision.

14. Eleven Additional Items given by Staff Side in the last meeting will be prioritized for further examination and discussion.

15. Replacement of Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- with Rs.4800/- in the Railways.
Official Side stated that Railway Ministry’s proposal will be considered and a decision given.

16. Transport Allowance at Delhi rates for employees of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida.
After discussion it was agreed to consider positively. Staff Side also pointed out that HRA at Delhi rates are already paid to staff and hence Transport Allowance at Delhi rates should be allowed.

17. Grant of another option to the employees promoted in between 1.1.2006 & 2010.
Staff Side pointed out that the Field staff who were promoted after 1.1.2006 were unaware of the advantage of option as they were in the 5th CPC Pay Structure till the implementation of 6th CPC Revised Pay Structure and hence another option should be granted in such situations. After lengthy discussion, Secretary (Personnel) has agreed that there is hardship involved and assured to decide favourably.