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Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year Greetings by CS, TN Circle


Let the Year 2012 to remove DISPARITY!
Let the Year 2012 bring us FULL PARITY!
Let’s wake up from Passivity; stir up to Reality!
Let the Stenos have CAICGSA with full Fidelity!!
Let the Year 2012 to bring more on our way!
Let the Year 2012 come Subordinate stenos way!
Let the disparity still on to our dismay!!
Let the PARITY in vicinity; not far away!!
Let the Year 2012 brushing differences away!!
Let the unpleasant memories to fade away!
Let’s breath fresh air; rest be thrown away!
Let the sense of Oneness stand our own way!
Let the Prayer of the Year 2012 be ‘Equal Pay’!!
Let the Year 2012 too not keeping us at bay!
Let the Almighty blessings showered AIPSA way!!
Let the Almighty bless us PARITY CAICGSA’S way!
Let the Feasibility lies now in their (DOPT) way!!

With New Year Greetings,
E. Murugadas, Circle Secretary, AIPSA, TN Circle.