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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Initial Grade Pay of Rs.4200/-

All of you are aware that we are fighting for the following:-

(i) Initial Grade Pay should be upgraded - i.e. at the recruitment level
(ii) Absolute parity with CSSS/Railway Board Stenographers
             In this regard, during the Departmental Anomaly Committee meeting held yesterday in Railway Board's Office, upgrading the initial GP was discussed. It was demanded that the initial Grade Pay should be upgraded to Rs.4200/- as recommended by the VI Pay Commission. The administration insisted on revising the minimum prescribed qualification as Graduation and Stenography. This was agreed for future recruitments. The proposal of granting higher GP for initial grade has been sent to Finance Ministry.


  1. Sir, the initial grade pay of Rs. 4200/- is fully justified and we really appreciate your efforts in this regard. Since the stenographers along with educational qualification should also possess shorthand qualification (which is a technical qualification) we should not be treated at par with other cadres like UDC etc. The Stenographer deserves to be placed in a higher pay scale than a mere clerk.

  2. Railway Stenographers and Railway Board are taking good decision on the spirit and recommendations of the 6th CPC. Though Railway Stenos are separate entity as they are recruited by Railway Rcruitment Board, all the Central Government Stenographers recruited through Staff Selection Commission can take note of this effort and represent to the Central Government through their respective Associations to respective Departmental Head for implementation of the same and remove the disparity among the Stenographers. All Members/Office bearers of respective Stenos Associations including AIPSA and Confederation of CEntral Government Stenographers' Association, speed up action to achieve the goal. JAI AIPSA

  3. Sir, all grade c stenographer deserving the grade pay Rs 4200. But the neglegence of govt policy we are suffering a lot. we ought to be integrate for fight of our rights.

  4. Your comment/suggestion regarding upgradation of GP to Rs.4200/- to junior stenographer is on my desk. Colleagues, unless the new R.R. is framed (alongwith change of nomenclature etc) I don't think there will be any change in GP . The new R.R. of Stenographers is under active consideration of DOPT.
    We should not forget the fate of Private Secretaries who are holding gazetted post. DOPT is keeping mum on this issue. We understand, there are few Private Secretaries in our Department who still get GP of Rs.4200/- (of course there is a clear order to consider them in the GP of Rs.4600). We are very serious about this. They should not be made scapegoat merely on the ground that they have accepted all promotions prior to 1.9.2008.

  5. Sir,

    It is unfortunate that the PS who is a gozetted getting less pay than a senior stenographer who gets now Rs.4800/-. I think the association must take concrete steps to address this anomally by all efforts. what is the fault with the senors who got regular promotion by virtue of their service. Like wise this is the apt time to change the nomenclature but we must have to share some more responsibilities than our traditional services.


  6. In accordance with the provisions contained in the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) O.M. No.7(31)E-III(A)/75 dated 04-10-1975 and Department of Personnel & Training O.M. No.18/44/88-Estt. (Pay) dated 14-08-1989, Stenographers (Ordinary Grade) in Subordinate Offices in the pay scale of Rs. 1200-2040 (pre-revised) are eligible for grant of one or two advance increments respectively on qualifying shorthand speed test at 100 or 120 wpm both at Recruitment stage and while in service. Since I have passed the shorthand exam speed of 100 and 120 wpm before recruitment, can I get the increments if applied now with restrospective effect.

  7. Yes. You will get advance increments with retrospective effect. While applying, cite all rules in this regard.

  8. This is in response to Mr. Deepak's query dated 14.6.10. Since you have passed shorthand speed 100 and 120wpm before recruitment, you are not eligible to get advance increment unless you pass the same through departmental examination which normaly conduct once in a year or so. Once you passed the departmental test, you are entitled to get one or two increment as the case may be from the date of passing the test.

  9. Would you please enlighten me on the following:-
    I joined in the CSS as LDC on 8.11.89 and through Departmental examination got selected as Gr.D steno on 9.2.94. I applied for transfer to Postal Department in Bangalore and subsequently joined the Postal Department on 31.05.1997as Gr.D. on 28.12.93 I got promotion as Gr.II and on 30.06.09 got promotion as Gr.I and my pay has been fixed with G.P. of 4200. Sir, please enlighten whether i am eligible for GP of 4600 or not ? pl comment

  10. Well everybody is discussing here this topic and it surely creates hope but is there some ground work actually being done to this effect. I would like to ask one qus can a steno-III who is time n again asked to perform duties of steno-II & I can request his department for skill enhance training in stenography on its expenses.

  11. Reshma Bhatnagar10 October, 2011 12:34

    I am working in Subordinate Office of Min. of Health & Family Welfare since 1991. I was appointed through S.S.C. as LDC and after qualifying Stenographer's Test I was appointed as Stenographer Jr. in 2001 and now in 2011 my macp is due. I would like to know what will be my Grade Pay.

  12. Sir, Can we aspect initial grade pay 4200 in VII pay commission. A.A Idrisi PA to SSPOs Kanpur City Dn