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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Model Recruitment Rules for Stenographers Grade-II.


Consequent on merger of Pay Scales of both Stenographers Grade I and II who were placed in PB-2 with Grade Pay 4200/- the Stenographers Grade III in pre-revised scale of pay of 4000-6000 now placed in PB-1 with Grade Pay 2400 are re-designated as Stenographers Grade II in the Model Recruitment Rules

Please click on the following link for download the rules.


Bhanu said...

This is not good for Stenographer cadre. The grade pay should be fixed in PB-2 with with GP-4200 in stead of 2400.

B. P. Dwivedi.

Bhanu said...

Many circles are not conducted DPC for grade-II since long. What happed wiht Stno-II those not promoted in grade-II even posts vacant before issue of this memo.

B. P. Dwivedi

Bhanu said...

Many circles are not conducted DPC for grade-II since long. What happed with Stno-III those not promoted in grade-II even posts vacant before issue of this memo.

RAHUL said...

Whether it is beneficial for those stenographers whose present pay scale of 5200 - 20200 + 2400

Anonymous said...

DOPT has changed the designation of Steno Gr.III to Steno.II with the Grade Pay of Rs.2400. That means the Grade Pay of Steno.II is Rs.2400 and we can see here that they have degraded the post of Steno.II from Grade Pay of Rs.4200 to Rs.2400. It is really injustice.

dilip said...

what a joke? DOPT has changed only disignation. what is the benifit for stenographer III with out change grade pay.


Anindya Sinha said...

DOPT has done absolute injustice to stenographers grade - III. Mere redesignating the post of Steno grade - III to Grade - II, without any financial benefit will not solve the purpose. Pay structure of Stenographers must be different from other clerical cadre. Both the cadre are in the GP of Rs. 2400/-, whereas one Stenographer gives much time to his office / officer in comparision to other Clerical staffs. Therefore Grade Pay must be different from clerical cadre. On the other hand when DOPT has redesignated the post of Steno Grade - III as Steno Grade - II, then G.P. of Rs. 4200/- is absolutely justified. If no financial benefit is given to Steno Grade - III, then redesignation is just a 'JHUNJHUNA' for all the Stenographers Grade - III.

PR said...

Kindly note the suggestions/compliants of our members by our Circle Secretary for taking the case with the appropriate level.

Lulu said...


Raghunathan said...

Mr. Sukumaranji
I joined the Deptt in 1989 as LDC and got selected as Steno Gr.D through the Departmental exam conducted by SSCin 1994. On my request i got transfer as Gr.III Steno in the Postal Department at Bangalore on 1997.Out of six stenos in the Division (Postal Civil) my seniority is at 2. In 2003 we at Sl.No.1-4 got promotion as Grade II Steno (5000-150). In 2009 Sl.Ni.1&2 (myself) got promotion as Grade-I (5500-175) with grade pay of 4200. Now my doubt is - the person at sl.No.3 is completing 20 years and is eligible for MACP- how the pay of the official is going to be fixed. Is it with GP 4600? as the official is currently drawing 4200 GP. If so - The GP of Steno Gr.I (Sl.No.1 & 2)should be refixed at 4600 or not. Otherwise the Gr.II steno is drawing more GP than Gr.I Steno. Pl offer your comment.

Sukumaran said...

Hello Raghu, You have not mentioned clearly abt regular promotion or ACP. I would like to know when you got ACP and when you got regular promotion. On completion of 12 years/24 years service (ACP) you were eligible for financial upgradation.It is not called as Promotions. Further 10/20/30 yrs MACPs are also financial upgradations- not promotions. Promotion is given to identified posts only. I would like to know how many posts in your unit are earmarked as Gde.I/Gde.II and Gde III.
There are so many instances in MACP scheme where juniors (in gradation list) get more Grade Pay than there seniors. For example in Our Circle Private Secretaries (Gazetted) get lesser G.P. than their juniors (in Gr.List) i.e. Grade I Stenographers. At the same time for further promotions, only private secretaries cases will be given preference. This is an anomaly and it is a pending item in JCM for further clarification/decision. Anyhow you pl send all details in my e.mail.

Circle Secretary
AIPSA, Kerala

Raghunath said...

hallo Sukumaranji - thanks for your comments and the clarification sought by you are as follows:-
Joined as LDC on 8.11.89
Through Departmental examination selected as Steno Gr.D 04.02.1994.
On request got transfer to Postal Deptt and joined as Gr.III Steno on 31.05.1997.
Cadre restructing was done as follows: Gr.III -5Nos. Gr.II - 4 Nos. and Gr.I - 2 Nos.

Got promotion on 18.122003 (Not ACP) as Gr.II. ( Total 4 Steno Gr.III got promotion as Gr.II and in this my seniority is at 2 )
On 30.06.2009 got promotion as Steno Gr.I (Sl. 1 & Sl.No.2 as only two posts were available)pay fixed with GP 4200.
Now the person at Sl.No.3 is completing 20 years as Steno and got one regular promotion as Gr.II alongwith us i.e. on 18.12.2003 and is due for MACP- so the pay of this (Sl.No.3) official is going to be fixed with GP of 4600. Whether the pay of Steno Gr.I (Sl.No.1 & 2) is also going to be fixed with GP of 4600 - If it is not, then it is an anamoly as pointed out by you. Pl comment

Anonymous said...

I full agree with Mr. Bhanu that Grade Pay of Stenographers Gde-III being re-designated to Stenographers Gde-II must be upgraded to Rs. 4200/- from Rs. 2400/-.

Manoj Giri