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Monday, May 30, 2016

PLI RPLI Service Tax Ready Reckoner Table W.E.F 01.06.2016

Cadre Restructuring of Group 'C' employees in Department of Posts

Sub : Cadre Restructuring of Group ’C’ employees in Department of Posts.
D.G. Post letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I dated 27th May, 2016.
            The Cadre Restructuring of Group-C  employees of Department of Posts has been undertaken in consultation with Department of Expenditure , Ministry of Finance in pursuance of the approval concurrence of the Department  of Expenditure  vide ID No. 2(45)E.III Desk/2015 dated 12th May,2016 , a list at distribution of the posts containing the existing and revised posts  of Postal Assistants, Lower Selection  Grade, Higher Selection  Grade II & I and also a few HSG-I (Non-Functional Grade) is enclosed for implementation with the  following  instructions:
a)         The post of SPMs in Single  Handed  and Double Handed Post Offices  to the cadre of LSG posts (GP Rs.2800) shown in the  annexure now allotted to the Circle , will be placed in the Grade  Pay of Rs.2800/- in the Pay Band-I..

b)         The post of SPMs in Triple Handed Post Offices, in the extent of HSG-II  posts (GP4200) shown the annexure  now allotted  to the Circle and all other existing norms based LSG Posts in Post offices  will be placed in the Grade Pay of Rs.4200- in the Pay  Band-II. In no case, the total number of HSG-II posts shall exceed the number of posts allotted to the Circle.

C)        Existing  posts in HSG-II to the extent  of posts  now allotted  and shown in the annexure , will  be placed in the  Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- in the Pay  Band-II along with the existing  HSG-I Posts . Remaining HSG-II posts if any shall remain in the GP of Rs.4200 only. In no case, the total number of HSG-I posts shall exceed the number of posts allotted in the Circle.

d)         The Cadre Restructuring of these posts  are only in respect of the  posts from Postal Side  other  than the posts of RMS ., Circle and Regional Offices and SBCO Wings.

e)         If the revised number of posts is in excess of the existing strength of a particular grade the difference will be deemed as  newly sanctioned posts in that grade . Similarly, if the revised number of posts is in  a grade is less than the existing strength the number of posts equal to the difference  will be treated as having been  abolished in that grade.
 f)         The vacancies arising out of the restructuring will be filled up only from the amongst the official who fulfill the eligibility criteria  laid down in the recruitment rules  for the post.
g)         The new HSG-I (Non Functional  Grade)  with the grade  pay of Rs.4800/- is only  for those  who  are  senior  most  and completed  not less than a minimum service of 2 years  in HSG-I  subject to the  number of posts specified  for the Circle  in HSG-I (Non Functional  Grade) (for example  the number of NFG officials in AP Circle should never  exceed (17) after following usual procedure of non functional upgradation(s).
2.         These instructions will be effective from the date of issue of the orders. The actual benefit would however be admissible to the eligible officials from the date of actual promotion.
3.         Receipt of the order may be acknowledged. Immediate action initiated and compliance report sent at the earliest.
                                                                                                (Tarun Mittal)

                                                            Assistant Director General (PE-II)

7th Pay Commission Report to be put up before Cabinet in June

7th Pay Commission report to be put up before Cabinet in June – 7th CPC implementation Notification to come at the earliest Central government employees can expect to get some good news trickling in from government sources towards the end of June.
As per reports, the Finance Ministry is likely to table the 7th Pay Commission report to the Cabinet for approval in the last week of June.
The 7th pay panel headed by AK Mathur had recommended the minimum salary for central government employees at Rs 18,000 and maximum salary at Rs 2,50,000. As employees protested against the wage hikecalling it the “lowest ever” raise, the government set up the Empowered Committee of Secretaries group to review the AK Mathur-panel’s recommendations.
The Empowered Committee of Secretaries on the Seventh Central Pay Commission is expected to soon wrap up its report on the remuneration of government employees.
Sources added that even the Prime Minister’s Office is keen on a favourable pay hike for the central government employees, so the panel is likely to recommend a minimum salary at Rs 24,000 and the highest salary at Rs 2,70,000.
Sources added that the government is exploring options for meeting the additional payout over and above what was recommended by the 7th pay panel. The payout could be substantial with salary hike and arrears adding up to a Rs 1.02 lakh crore burden on government finances.
Report add that once the report moves from the table of the empowered group of committee to the cabinet, there is no reason why the cabinet would inordinately delay it.
The Finance Ministry is keen that higher salaries reach government employees just before the festive season starting mid-August, as spurt in consumption during the festive period will have a domino effect on the economy.
Souce: Zee News

Employment News : 28th May to 3 June 2016

Name Of Post : Specialist Grade III Assistant Professors (Medicine, Paediatrics), Assistant Directors, Training Officer
No.of Vacancies : 57
Last Date :16.06.2016
Name Of Post : Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor
No.of Vacancies : 102
Last Date :30.06.2016

Name Of Post : Electrician, Mechanist, Fitter etc
No.of Vacancies : 557
Last Date :20.06.2016

Name Of Post : Additional Director (Investigation, Forensic Audit, Capital Market) Dy, Director (Forensic Audit, Corporate Law, Investigation) etc
No.of Vacancies : 52
Last Date :61 days from the date of publication
Name Of Post : Junior Scientific Assistant, LDC, Painter and Decorator etc
No.of Vacancies : 24
Last Date :21 days from the date of publication
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Microsoft Windows 7 Shortcut Keys

RD Deposits should not be refused and be accepted even if Portal/ Finacle is not working : Directorate

          When Finacle is slow or down and Post office is not able to accept all the agent schedules either prepared through Agent Portal or through BCP Excel Sheet in HAGTXP, Counter PA with the permission of Postmaster/APM/DPM/SPM in writing in the ERROR BOOK, can accept all agent schedules/Excel Sheets and accept cash/POSB Cheques/Other Bank Cheques and give receipt to agent prepared manually. Cash of those schedules which cannot be accepted in HAGTXP can be kept out of account and these schedules can be posted in HAGTXP by putting Value Date as the date of acceptance of cash/POSB Cheque and Cheque Clearing date (in case of other Bank Cheque) so that depositors or agent is not forced to pay penalty. However, Counter PA(s)/SPM should maintain a register and enter Agent ID/E Banking Reference No./Date of preparation of schedule by agent/Total Amount/Value Date entered by Counter PA and Supervisor will sign against each entry in the register"
It has been observed that when Agent Portal and Finacle menu HAGTXP was disabled for some days due to performance issue, CBS post offices were not ready to accept RD schedules prepared from Portal or in the Excel Sheet on the plea that BCP is not invoked by Directorate.
It is clarified that for following the RD Schedule acceptance process circulated with SB Order 02/2016, there is no need to wait for orders from Directorate for invoking BCP as this process can be started by any CBS post office by just writing error book that "Finacle is slow or not working or Agent Portal is slow or not working". Soft copy of Format of Excel sheet sent through mail should be given to all MPKBY and PRSS Agents so that in such circumstances, they can prepare list in Excel sheet. Format of excel is also attached. Account numbers having defaults or rebate may also be accepted through excel sheet (Proforma of excel sheet is given below on the bottom of this page). System will calculate default fee and rebate while creating upload file through CAGTU menu. Agent commission will be credited into savings account of agent when e-banking reference number will be uploaded in HAGTXP menu. Therefore, even if HAGTXP is not working, or Finacle is not working or Agent Portal is not working, RD Deposits from MPKBY or PRSS Agents should not be refused and be accepted as per process given Para-E of the RD Schedule acceptance process circulated with SB Order 02/2016. 
It is once again requested that agents should not be forced to pay default fee if due to slowness or inaccessibility of Finacle or Agent Portal, there is delay in accepting RD Agent Schedules. Default fee can be controlled by using the option of Value Date but it should be supported by Error Book entries. In case, if any agent has already paid default fee due these reasons, refund can be given by following the process circulated vide this office letter No. 25-4/2015-FS (CBS) dated 03.08.2015. It is also reiterated that Business from Agents should be accepted during whole business hours.