23 January 2015

Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with General Elections to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2015.

F. No. 12/7/2014-JCA2
Government of India,
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 19th January, 2015

Subject: Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general elections to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2015.

The undersigned is directed to say that in connection with the general election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, to be held on 7th February, 2015, the following guidelines, already issued by DOPT vide OM No. 12/ 14/99-JCA dated 1oth October 2001, have to be followed for closing of the Central Government Offices including Industrial Establishments in NCT of Delhi.

(i) The relevant offices/organizations shall remain closed in the notified areas where general elections to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, scheduled to be conducted.

(ii) In connection with bye-elections to State Assembly, only such of the employees who are bonafide voters in the relevant constituency should be granted special casual leave on the day of polling. Special Casual leave may also be granted to an employee who is ordinarily a resident of constituency and registered as a voter but employed in any Central Government Organization/Industrial Establishment located outside the constituency having a general/bye-election.

2. The above instructions may be brought to the notice of all concerned.

(K. Kipgen)
Director (JCA)

Launch of scheme for Girl Child named "Sukanya Samridhhi Accounts"-reg.

F. No.2/3/2014.NS-II
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Departn├Čent of Economic Affairs
236, North Block, New Delhi-110001
Dated the 20th January, 2015

Subject: Launch of scheme for Girl Child named “Sukanya Samridhhi Account’ by Hon’ble Prime Minister — rate of interest reg.

In compliance of announcement by Finance Minister in his Budget Speech 2014-15 the Government of India has introduced a new scheme named “Sukanya Samriddhi Account” vide Notification No.GSR No.863 (E) dated 2nd December, 2014. It has been decided to allow 9.1% rate of interest on investments in the scheme during the financial year 2014-15.

This has the approval of Union Finance Minister.

Under Secretary to the Govt of India

Pathetic service conditions of the Postal Stenographers-A letter received from a Stenographer.

Dear Friends,

The attitude of the Postal Officers towards Stenographers is not in right spirit.  Some what the Stenographers are maintaining a low profile and subdue to this attitude of the officers.  This submission may bring benefit to them, but when such officers expect the same from others resulting contradiction.  Even the benefits which are flowing naturally towards Stenographers have been struck by the officers.  May be this happens to me but most of them have no way to express but to tolerate.

Regular DPC/MACP held in other cadres, but when comes to Stenographers, the concerned person or the AIPSA has to remind the officers.  This is very pathetic. All Circulars/ Postings & Transfers, a copy to be sent to the Secretaries of the Union, but the same has not been extended to AIPSA. Circulars pertaining to Stenographers have not reached all Stenographers.  Most of them are ignorant of the development.  Thanks to AIPSA for publishing such Circulars in their Web site.  But, otherwise, the right of individual Stenographer has been curtailed.

Take for example, the merger of Stenographers Cadre.  After Mr. Murugadas, General Secretary, AIPSA personally pressed this with DDG (Estt.), the TN Circle issued orders.
The Department has issued orders that all representations should be forwarded through Proper Channel.  But, neither their representation is acknowledged nor a copy of the forwarding letter has been endorsed to the applicant.  In my case, I was forced to get the same under RTI Act.  Then only, I came to know that the representation has not been forwarded even after a lapse of one month.

I have earlier also written to GM (PAF) requesting not to implement the Audit Parties objection (particularly in case of recovery from salary) immediately, without giving opportunity to the affected employees. But, it was ignored.  Now, I have been asked to refund Rs.2.5 lakh by the Audit party.  I have suffered not only financially but also mentally due to this.  Now, the Directorate has replied that the pay fixation is correct.  Will the department refund the deducted amount with interest? Similar is the agony of Mrs. ************ Dn. Despite several Court orders, MACP at promotional hierarchy not extended to her.

Now, let me come to the common interest.  I am not satisfied with the suggestions of AIPSA to the Department.  Without any Cadre Restructure, merger has been effected in Stenographer Cadre only.  For others, several meetings, discussions held with staff union and thereafter, benefits were extended to them.  As far as Stenographers are concerned, neither the AIPSA nor the Confederation has been consulted before issuing merger orders.  This is nothing but fooling us.  What benefits we got in the merger.  Simply, the designation has been changed.  It is an irony to find out that most of the Stenographers are getting the Grade Pay of Higher Posts without the designation.  That is why in the recent orders issued by the Directorate became a futile exercise.  How many of them joined in their promotional Posts, I feel, except Mr. ****************, that too, he was posted in the same Region.

Secondly, by surrendering our posts at the feeder cadre, the Department agreed to this merger is very unfortunate.  We are not able to understand that for the last 10 years, the Department has not even recruited Stenographers in the feeder cadre.  On the other hand, the post at the feeder cadre has been amalgamated into the PA Cadre, who are manning the Stenographers post at feeder level. Thereby destroyed our posts at the entry itself.
While our leaders are speaking of "parity with CSSS" have failed to see how the DOP&T restructure the Central Secretariat Stenographers Service.  New Posts of Staff Officers have been carved out with the posts taken into consideration of the strength of  IAS and Group-A posts in the Central Secretariat Services. But in Postal Department,feeder posts have been surrendered which are in fact already abolished.  Therefore, I would like to suggest that Restructure of our cadre is an urgent need of the hour and we should insist of cadre restructure as is done in CSSS. We should not stop at PS or Sr.PS, we should look beyond that such as AD, APMG, etc. which is done in CSSS as Staff Officers, PSO, etc.

In the Conference at Kolkatta, it was decided that while issuing promotion orders to Personal Secretaries, the date of entry in the feeder cadre to be taken into account.  This has not at all been followed by the Directorate and our AIPSA is also not insisting on this.  The RTI information available with me shows that Stenographers working in small Circles, such as HP, J&K, Punjab, NE are getting the benefits of promotions due to timely convene of DPC.  On the other hand, Stenographers of larger circle deprived of their benefits, lamenting at the lower level only.

The other point, I would like to emphasis is that the Stenographers have been not allowed to compete in the Gr.B Departmental Examination. In the Conference held at Coimbatore, the RTI information on the subject was discussed vastly, but no efforts have been made to take up the matter with the Directorate to allow the Stenographers to compete in Departmental Gr.B Exam.


I generally agree with Sri *************.  His observations reflect the anguish and pain of all the stenographers working in Postal Department.  IT IS A FACT THAT CENTRAL GOVERNMENT STENOGRAPHER IS A NOBODY'S BABY.  This may due to our sleek strength.  The strength is further pruned year by year due to no-recruitment policy.  We sit with highest officers and manage the things for them and alas, in turn, they have scant regard for us.  

If a uniform date is ordered by the DPC to conduct DPC in all the Circles, it would mitigate the woes of senior Stenographers.  

AIPSA did do and is doing a yeomen service to the Postal Stenographers.  In the absence of AIPSA, it is hard to imagine the plight of the postal stenographers.  The past restructurings, mergers and the proposed restructuring would not take place at all.

16 January 2015

Relaxation for purchase of Air-Tickets on TA (Transfer) from Private Agents-Regarding.

FTS No.110738/2014-Ad.I
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue

New Delhi, dated the 31 December, 2014


Subject: Relaxation for purchase of Air-Tickets on TA (Transfer) from Private Agents – Regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to Department of Expenditure’s observation vide its ID Note dated 11.12.2014 (copy enclosed) regarding non-compliance of extant air travel guidelines by field formations of Department of Revenue despite the same being internally circulated by the Department in October, 2012.

2. It. has been observed by the Department of Expenditure that officers of field formations under Department; of Revenue continue to claim ignorance of the extant air travel guidelines with regard to prescribed procedure for purchase of air tickets from authorized travel, agents in respect of air journey performed by them. Department of Expenditure have sought clarification as to how Department of Revenue proposes to ensure that the air travel guidelines are complied with strictly in all its field formations so as to eliminate cases requiring relaxation of air travel guidelines due to ignorance of these instructions.

3. It is, therefore, requested that wide publicity should be given to air travel guidelines issued by Department of Expenditure from time to time in respective field formations of CBDT and CBEC.

(Ajay Kumar Nema)
Director (Hqrs.)

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
(E.IV Branch)

Ref. DoR FNo.339/TA/2013-02225;
DoE ID No.232472/2014 dated 20-08-2014.

The Department of Revenue(DoR) may refer to the proposal seeking relaxation of the guidelines on air travel with regard to prescribed procedure for purchase of air tickets from authorized travel agents only in respect of air journey performed by Shri Akhllesh Ranjan, JS(FT & TR-l) from Mumbai to Delhi on transfer wherein air tickets had been booked from unauthorized travel agent.

2. Further to this Department’s ID Note dated 20-08-2014, DoR may clarify as to how field formations under DoR continue to claim ignorance of the extant air travel guidelines even though these guidelines were
internally circulated by DoR in October,2012 and how DoR proposes to ensure that the air travel guidelines are compiled with strictly in all its field formation so as to eliminate cases requiring relaxation of air travel
guidelines due to ignorance of these instructions.

3. Further, DoR is advised to obtain a formal communication from Air India,as claimed by Shri Akhilesh Ranjan. JS(FT & TR-1) at para 4 on page 9/N (ante), that Air India is unable to verify the airfare charged by the unauthorized travel agent or indicate difference in the airfare, if any, after verification by Air India.

(A. Bhattacharya)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

09 January 2015

Introduction of AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System

No: 11013/9/2014- Estt (A-III)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi, dated 21st November 2014.


Sub: Introduction of AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System

It has been decided to use an AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System (AEBAS) in all offices of the Central Government, including attached/ sub-ordinate Offices, in India. The system will be installed in the offices located in Delhi/ New Delhi by 31st December 2014. In other places this may be installed by 26th January 2015

2. The equipment will be procured by the Ministries/ Departments as per specifications of DeitY on DGS&D Rate Contract from authorized vendors. The expenditure will be met by the Ministries/ Departments concerned under their O.E. The manual system of attendance may be phased out accordingly.

3. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) will provide the technical guidance for installing the system. The equipment already procured by DeitY have a built in AMC of three years. The Ministries/ departments may ensure that the equipment being procured by them have similar provision.

4. Biometric attendance system is only an enabling platform. There is no change in the instructions relating to office hours, late attendance etc. which will continue to apply. As per extant instructions, (contained in DoPT O.M. No: 28034/8/75- Estt-A dated 04-07-1975; No:28034/10/75-Estt-A dated 27-08-1975; No: 28034/3/82 —Estt-A dated 05-03-1982) half—a-day’s Casual Leave should be debited for each day of late attendance, but late attendance upto an hour, on not more than two occasions in a month, and for justifiable reasons may be condoned by the competent authority. In addition to debiting Casual Leave (or Earned Leave, when no CL is available). Disciplinary action may also be taken against government servants who are habitually late. Early leaving is also to be treated in the same manner as late coming.

5. These orders come into force with immediate effect.

6. All Ministries/ Departments are requested to bring this to the notice of all concerned.

(J.A Vaidyanathan)
Director (Establishment)